I Can Make You Love Me

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Chapter 16

I was feeling some kind of way when I seen Ray looking fascinated at some woman. I mean he wasn’t mines though even in a way I was just getting use to him again. Dusting off my feelings for Ray I put on my strongest suit to head into my mothers crib. I pulled up her old address to find out that she sold her old house. Winding the window down I look at the place it didn’t even look the how it use to. It look as though it was renovated piece by piece to be sold to a family. Ray began to see the confusion on my face as he turned his attention back to the road. Today I wanted to be the support system for my people I felt it was time I faced my fears. On the other hand, my mother and I stop talking because Sonny died at my game so my she blamed me. Than after while I was put on movie screens, posters, billboards she came around. You couldn’t tell me she wasn’t my biggest supporter. Acknowledging the change I focused on how I would greet her.

As we got back on the freeway I called my manager to ask for my moms new address.

We pulled up in a nice neighborhood it looked as though my mom was living it up. We pulled up after driving down a long alley to see a mansion not a house. I mean it was nice I must say. Hoping out the car I went to ring the doorbell along with Ray beside me. A man came to the door who I never met that led me to my mother who was in the kitchen cooking. I smelled the soul food before she even closed the lid on a pot of greens reminding me of home.

“Mom I’ve missed you” I said rushing to hug her.

“Mom?” the man repeated.

My mother Lydia began unlocking my arms that I embraced her with in a friendly manner. Shaking off this vibe I got from her acting lost I ignored it. She look at Ray walking in finally than began to correct the man who answered the door.

“Ummmm yes honey this is my daughter Amber.”

“Lydia stop this nonsense you never mentioned you had a daughter since we’ve been together.”

“Harold who the hell you think brought me this house!”

“Dont make me cause a scene know what I’m out of here. Lydia if your going to continue with this lie I’m going out for a while.”

He turned and left as I watched my Mom direct her attention back to me. She asked me about hows everything going before we interrupted by my moms sister walking in. I wasn’t ready to see her knowing she was the main one I discouraged. She tried to hug me but I held out my hand to shake hers. Wearing her best Sundays best outfit like she was going to a funeral. Some reason she tried to be in everyone business to run tell news. Breaking up the awkwardness Ray went over to hug my aunt and my mother.

“Hey ladies it was a while since I seen you both hows everything?”

“Good my mothers spoke.

My aunt watched him before jumping the gun getting down to business. I know she was going to get into why we came together and what we had going on. Growing up they swore I was his girl and not Chez. I went into my mothers bar to fix a drink popping some Hennessy placing it in a glass to enjoy before turning my attention back to her.

“So tell me young man when are you and my niece Amber going to settle down get married or have some kids?”

I choked on my wine before he rushed over to pat my back lightly. Answering for him because I didnt want him to lie I carried on the conversation.

“Auntie actually-”

My throat starting feeling fuzzy like I was nervous. Never expecting Ray to come to my rescue in which he did.

“She want to wait on the marriage and kids you know. We feel like right now we in that honeymoon stage of getting to know each other.”

My aunt look at me with envy before walking out. My mother looked at me and him like she knew the truth.

“You can fool me but Amber can’t keep no man. She’s all about her career thats why her Chez didn’t make even though she say he cheated. But I know yall probably did the nasty but yall aint together. Oh yeah I remember Ray you got a son that child there is all about order.”

Walking out the room I felt like I was going to blow. My best friend Que walk inside alerting everyone of her presence in the house yelling loudly. I asked her as she came to hug me if she had a blunt because I need one to calm my nerves. I had to be here all day I had to mellow myself out or my mom and aunt was going to get a ear full. I took the L Que pulled from her purse to go outside to smoke alone.

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