I Can Make You Love Me

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Chapter 17

Night fell when I stood with Amber male cousin and Lydia boyfriend. Over the years her people were real welcoming to me treated me like their own. They growed to learn about me like I did them. We stood around a fire pit in the huge gazebo outside. I was tossing logs in to keep us warm throughout the evening. Other than listening to there conversation about how they were happy Amber was home. The family seem to genuinely miss her except her mothers fakeness and nosy aunt. Deep inside I felt like I was at home when I did come around everyone. For some reason Lydia boyfriend keep asking me about Amber in between them changing subjects in a low tone. He was press for all kinds of information about her. Knowing Lydia she probably hadn’t told him much so I let him in on basic stuff.

“Amber is a big movie star works her ass off living in LA. She is nothing like her mother there opposites thats why Sonny was so close to her. Other than that shes a regular person aside from the what the media puts on. But the way to her heart is good ole soul food.”

“Okayyy" he said as though he was taking mental notes.

We were interrupted by Qua telling me that Amber wanted me. Saved from answering a million more questions Qua and I exchange spots as I went to search for Amber. I happen to find her in the basement of the house alone playing pool. When I walked in she was bent cross the table. Standing at the door getting a good look as she bent over more making me mesmerize. I think she was trying to tease me but I ignored it. Entering fast to ask her if she wanted to get a game like old times at the bar we use to sneak into when were teenagers. Amber laughed talking junk telling me to go grab a stick. Setting up the game she asked me to place a wager before we started. Unsure twisting my lip as a man I let her decide. I informed her cash was out of the question because I couldnt take her money. Bending across the table once again she gathered the balls in the rack. I knew one thing for sure Amber body was more beautiful than her pictures I dreamed about. Imagining the positions I could put her in when she looked back at me in a jokey manner.

“Okay so if I win you gotta take me on a date like you’ve been wanting to since high school. And if you win than i’ll give in and have sex with you with no string attached. Deal?”

“Deal" I said holding out my pinky waiting on her.

“You are so fucking high school. Anyways Ray lets get this game.”

I asked her to show me how to shoot since its been so long. She got in front of me guiding my hands on top of hers pressing my manhood against her. Gradually she turned for us to almost kiss with my lips inches from hers. A loud uproar coming from the door directions ended our closure when Qua look shock at us. Amber just smiled standing up parting ways with me taking Qua by the hand out the room. Causing the game to end even though we didn’t get to finish playing when everyone followed in. Before going out the door my eyes followed Amber as Lydia boyfriend told me I was in love. Laughing at him before getting back into the game when I heard yelling coming from the kitchen area. I hurried out the room to enter the kitchen seeing Chez in person hugging Ambers aunt and mother. Amber exchanged a long hug before she looked at me walking out the door.

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