I Can Make You Love Me

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Chapter 18

Chez was literally handsome like I remembered but with a older man look sporting facial hair. Still I was sure his attitude didn’t change from his cocky grin. Chez hug seem like forever as though he didnt want to let me go. We were a done deal to me it was one thing to miss someone. Another was to want someone to treat or be someway that there not. I felt eyes on me along the lines of my people so I let the hug go on with it being extended as he took a whiff of my perfume. Oddly when he did I felt all eyes on me to look Ray in the face over Chez's shoulder. I was use to the hurtful look unlike the one he was giving me now. My heart reached out to him on more than a friendly level suddenly Chez little fling walked in. He grabbed her hand and introduced her to me.

“Amber this is Alisha. Alisha this is the ex love of my life Amber.”

Extending my hand she look at it before telling me I needed a manicure. My hair and nails where always on the ups even though the night I had previously made me miss my daily grooming appointment. Also Ray was all about keeping my schedule on point. This girl Chez was with made my ass itch. What gave her the authority to think shes better than me.

My aunt spoke up to fix things "well as you may not know since you introduce your partner Alisha that Amber is here with Speedy" she joked.

I know in the back of my mind she was trying to make a point than my mother offered the girl something to eat and drink.

“Alisha honey you want something to eat or drink its been a while since we seen you?”

“No thank you were not staying long we just came to pay our respects.”

I laughed in my head at her offer insulting me when she was my mother. Something was off about this situation because my mom never offered people anything growing up unless they were our friends. My mom and aunt took Alisha in the next room wanting to catch up on recent gossip from the hair salon. I stood feeling myself fall in a tiny box with the walls closing in. Chez walked over to Ray before he asked Ray what it was like to live his shadow. Ray hands balled up and he crossed his arms over his chest to size Chez up. They still had hate for each other and I begged Ray to relax. Alisha called for Chez when she left the house walking out the door as he followed.

Walking through the room of the hotel me and Ray didn’t exhange a word he was mad at me. And I was mad at my mom and aunt. It was weird because that Alisha chick look so familiar. I went to get cleaned up to go back in the livingroom area to order room service to bring me some snacks. They came up 10 minutes after I called when I set the tv to watch Family Guy. Seconds later Que had just came in as the worker walked out. Before I could get my snacks to get comfortable me and her sat down as she was in dazed in her phone. Along the side of me as I smacked away at my jack in the box popcorn. The lights were off as we sat to watch a repeat episode. From the corner of my peripheral I saw something and payed it no mind. Till Que smiled tapping me because Ray walked out in his boxers with his earphones on.

"Ray" I yelled covering Que eyes.

He stared at us trying to hide behind the tall chair that sat near me. I didnt know whether to run or watch because he was hanging. One thing for sure he sure got some length since school. He apologized as I threw him a pillow to head back to his room. Que sat beside me cracking up at what went down. I held my laugh back because she sighed with her hand movement for a blow job demonstration. I felt the time was coming for her to ask so I beat her to the punch.

"No I havent fucked him or plan on it okay. Now go head to your room well link tomorrow."

She got up walking backwards to the door doing what Ray did.

"Oh I see you about to go get some so you want me to roll out I get it. Go ahead bitch but get some for me to."

"Well wheres Greg?"

"Bitch he to clingy. Girl I give him some than he never gone go home. I see you ain't answer my question but you better put it on him."

Shaking my head I walked to the door locking it behind her. I don't know what the hell she be smoking at times but weed make her dumb. Ray body was from the gods I tell you that. I know one thing for sure I had to go let him know that he can't be walking around like that.

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