I Can Make You Love Me

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Chapter 19

"Damn damn damn" I yelled in a low tone to myself. I was on the floor in the bedroom with my ear to the door listening to Que and Amber speak about my dick length. I was sure she was mad at me but so was I for being so careless. My plan was to go get something to drink knowing she'd be in her room. I was wrong for that but now she got to see what I was working with. As a man knowing I see what I wanted there was no shame in my game. Still from me ease dropping Amber wasn't denying fucking me. It was more than sex but with sex I know I'd win her over. Still I needed time to fully open up to her. Most of the time it was me listening never speaking on myself.
The door closed as she let Que out I ran to get in the bed to play on my phone. I waited and no Amber knocked on the door. Now I truly know she was heated. I turned over still naked in bed to go to sleep when a knock came to my door around midnight. I put my shorts on to answer the door. Amber came in thrusting me on the bed kissing me on the mouth. First kiss was seductive than it got more more passionate. I felt like I was dreaming as my manhood rose to touch her in a silk rob. I removed the rob to see she had on nothing but her bra and panties. She than asked to fuck on the balcony that had a view of the city.
"Damn Amber what I do to deserve this" I said getting up to follow her as she open the slide door.
She pressed me against the wall dropping my shorts tossing them on the other side of the balcony to the other folks space. Ignoring it because I was about to be pleased I held my head back as she got on her knees. Stopping to ask if I was into whip creme. Agreeing Amber touched my lower stomach with her lips of light tender kisses. The moment she put her hands on the slide door I was out butt ass naked in the wind. My reaction was to late she was laughing through the glass at me. I yelled through the glass as it began getting cooler.
"Stop playing Amber and open this door before I break it."
"So what break it you know my manager know you're in here. Plus you like showing everybody your goods, why not the world?"
"Please Amber I'll do anything if you let me in."
"Anything hu?"
"Oh shit paparazzi are next door taking pictures" I spoke through the glass.
She opened it before I took off running crossing the threshold to grabbed her. Amber kiss me back before we went to her bed I than placed her on the bed opening her rob ripping her lace underwear off. Putting her legs up I took my time pleasing her in between licks with ym tongue she applied pressure to the bed sheets before she told me she was about to come I stopped. Licking my lips to leave her room to return to mines.
My mans was still hard until I relaxed before freshening up to go to sleep awaking to look at my phone to see that my work with my old job was done. My old boss said that he notified me by Dre and I didnt respond. I thought about my life in LA to know I was over it I just wanted to be there for my son. There was a knock at the door so I yelled for Amber since I was to tired to move. Throwing on a towel for my lower body I headed to the door. The person kept knocking till I opened the door to see a white man in a suit.
"Excuse me are you Ray Wilder?"
"Yes sir. Why do you ask?"
"You've been served" he said walking away before Amber opened her room door as I placed the mail behind my back. Amber walked over to hug me as I placed the mail on the counter. She than told me to get dress she wanted for us to kick it before going to her moms. I walked away forgetting the mail before she opened it apologizing consistently when I returned from the bedroom.
"I'm so sorry Speedy I didn't mean to pry seriously I totally thought it was for me."
"Well Amber it wasn't!"
"Know what I felt bad because I think your a good dad but I know you are a bad mate so go fuck yourself."
"No fuck you if you ask questions instead of prying you'd know Kara stepped out on me."
"Wait hold you meant Kara Lewis my therapist?!"
"Yeah we have a child together. If that not enough me and her never work because I was feeling someone else who left me for a career. And when she left she never look back."
I marched off into the bedroom I slept in slamming the door. My heart was poured out in a way I thought it never could. So much for playing boyfriend today I was going to work to get this money and get home. One thing I didn't miss about the big apple was drama. When I got away from Amber it was going back to nothing but positive vibes.
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