I Can Make You Love Me

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Chapter 2

I was sitting at my photoshoot in a white robe preparing for my turn to do a love scene with this new co star. My personal makeup artist came to touch me up letting me know I had 5 minutes to go till I was on camera. I couldnt help feeling some kind of way after my meeting with Kara thinking about my last few weeks in Dubai. It was the lowest period of my life after I had to take a break from my brothers killing. Yeah his killer couldnt help but send me these threating letters about killing people who meant so much to me. I was over my five minutes when the producer sticked his head in to let me know that now was the time for to go do the scene. Walked out I got into character after the countdown as the camera rolled. My co workers untied my robe and he kissed on me until the producer stopped the scene.

"Listen up Amber do the scene right and put a little emotion into it will ya?"

Suddenly the man from the bar last night happen to be behind the producer. I felt weird knowing he showed up but didnt mind taking in a mental note to find out who he was. As he walked out last night he couldnt help smiling at me. Excusing his presence I followed what my producer said. Putting on a show for him just in case he was another producer who wanted me to have a lead role. My co star kissing on my neck again as I enforced the pressure back. My tongue trailed from his neck down to his lower stomach. The producer called it off saying it was enough for the day. I headed to my prep room when the co star on set walked in locking the door. I tried to run away instead he pinned me against the wall to rip off my top as I screamed for help. He yelled at me as I the tears streamed down my face.

"Stop act like you dont want it Amber!"

The guy from last night kicked the door in and pushed the guy off me. They started wresting back and forth as my co star threw punches to his face and gut. The man fixed his stance to fight back and picked up my co star dropping him on his back and threw a few punches to his face. Staring at my the crowd that had come about after the fight everyone stood in shock. My producer rushed in to ask what happened. I explained that the man saved me from being raped. Breaking the silence my producer ask the man was he from the transport service.

"Yes I'm the manager covering for my co worker tonight."

"Well thank you and were glad shes in good hands. Okay Amber get your stuff and get going you have another scene tomorrow dont be late."

I grabbed my stuff before kicking my co star in the side as he cried out in agony. I was escorted outside into a towncar when the paparazzi caught me outside. They took pictures as my driver opened the door for me to get inside. I got in quickly shutting my door putting my shades on. At the this moment I felt more secure than I had been in the past few weeks.

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