I Can Make You Love Me

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Chapter 20

I went to my room to clear my head. Who known Ray cared so much for me maybe even loved me since high school days. I opened my suitcase to a picture falling out of me and my brother Sonny on the porch. I than saw the jersey Ray gave me I picked it up with his scent once again saturating the room like last night. Thinking to myself how it even got in there. I guess when I packed I was missing not seeing him to us crossing paths again. Throwing it all back inside Ray came busting into my room to tell me to throw on something because he needed to go to the airport right now it was an emergency.

Arriving to the airport he left the car in the no parking zone to take off running. He was fully dressed even though I wasnt in my jogging suit and bedroom slippers. I sat inside wondering the reason he would have to rush to the airport when he could have came alone. I swore if a bitch came out the entrance of the airport when he return I was gone spazz. Sitting as I watched people pass by I got a message from my manager. Telling me something has happen in regards to him so she needs me to be on my best behavior. I didnt know how to take what she was talking bout all. Before sending her message there was the opening of the backseat door on the left of me. A little boy jumped inside while I watch Ray placed him in the seatbelt. Confused I just blew a hard breath trying not to hypervenilate. I grabbed my pills taking one with the bottle of water in my bag. He look at me before his smile turned to a frown at me once Ray drove off. I knew he was in for a rude awakening if he got sassy with me. Putting my earphones in my ear to block him out I dozed off. When I awoke a breeze hit me as he somehow had my bag tossing my makeup on the highway. Instantly he smiled at me as I snatched everything out his hand as he hollered out throwing a tantrum. Following tears running along his face. The car stopped and Ray jumped out to open the door his son was on.

“Anthony why you crying son?”

He wouldnt say anything Ray just angrily looked at me. Slinging the door open on my side I got out mumbling as he grabbed his son out trying to stop the water works hugging him closely. His eyes followed me with his nostrails flaring once we entered the hotel lobby. Once we got into the room he turned off as I kept going. I was headed to Que room to chat. Knocking on her door she came finally with her hair looking a mess. She stood in a tank top with women boxer shorts. Letting me in I marched by her fuming mad.

“Bitch whats your problem I didnt sleep with you last night?”

“You right but Ray almost didddd”

“Ooooo there aint no almost. Did you get some or not?”

“No but we did give each other oral.”

“Well whats your problem” she said rolling a blunt on her kitchen counter.

“Girl he got Chuckee for a son. Lil bastard was bout to get his ass whip shit I aint Kara.”

“Wait Kara your therapist” she lit the blunt up passing it to me after three puffs.

The room door open and there stood Ray. He was mad which he always with me or vise versa. I knew from the way he marched over it was about to be one of our big altercations.

“Amber why didnt you tell me you were coming to Que room?”

The smoke in my mouth I blew it in his face. Filling my lungs with more smoke before he put the blunt out with his finger tips. Feeling angry I threw the nearest thing I could get my hand on which was a wine glass. He dodged it before Que jumped in the middle. Que was never for men fighting woman from her past experiences with her parents. Coming to my rescue she reminded me my rep was on the line as well as my money for the rooms. Only to turn around to warn Ray that she’d put him down for me and he had a son to raise.

Tonight was Rays family BBQ bash at a bar his Uncle owned so I agreed to go. Only because my relationship with his Uncle was so cool. So I put my feelings aside and went after Ray asked. Kurtis was a street smart man who harmed people for debts they owe. Most of the time it was from his poker games held in the juke joint unless it was out of the states. I knew how Kurtis worked because I’ve seen him in action which allowed me to never fear him. I was greeted from the passenger window by his shadow hovering over the car. Kurtis helped me out kissing me on the cheek. One of the main reason I got eyes for Ray was his convincing if not him it was Sonny. I never could see it in the light they did.

On prom night my date dumped me on the same day I sat in the salon getting glowed up. Kurtis new squeeze at the time did hair. He came in to visit a lady in the owners chair wooing her to tell her how beautiful she looked being his charming self. Somehow he got on the subject of love to explain that business comes before love for many people. Upon hours of the final time for me to leave the shop I got a call from Chez saying he couldnt take me. In the mist of the conversation before I hung up a man walked in who had owe a debt to the shop for his ole lady in the owners chair. Kurtis would never put his hand on a woman so in response the owner called her husband saying his card hasnt gone through. He showed up when Kurtis took the man outside the building and strucking him to ground using his fist telling him to pay his debt. From where I sat I felt shooken up and nervous like the lady in the chair calling out for her husband getting on her knees running outside. I became the only other female in the shop with Kurtis squeeze. She acted normal like it was no issue. Before they could leave the shop all the money was paid and the woman cried helping her husband up.I began to head out the door hanging up the salons phone before Kurtis offered me a ride. I declined and he apologized for his actions paying me off with cash he pulled from his wallet. Since then my respect for him reached a different level. Funny thing was if you asked Ray what he do he’d give you a bogus ass story of what his Uncle do.

Kurtis lead the way for me to watch him take over to the grill in the kitchen area. As he flip the meat he and I spoke on my life on the road. Than he asked me how I dealt with it all. Telling him therapy helping is what made me strong enough to comeback. Over the years he broken down how Ray got over Sonny but not so much of me. Our eyes bolted to Ray coming into the BBQ greeting everyone while making his way over. As on que Ray walked over when Kurtis ask him to watch the grill along the side of me. Ray and I could barely hold eye contact until we followed his Uncle walking over to the poker table full speed. I knew what was going to go down but in Ray protection I called one of the men in the back to take over. Leading Ray out the building when I bumped into a girl Sonny use to smash. I brushed it off heading out the door holding Rays hand.

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