I Can Make You Love Me

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Chapter 21

Amber brought me outside quickly before the uproar started with men running inside to fight so we stayed outside until it was clear. I figured my Uncle was being the mediator as always to try and stop what was going on. Deep inside I wasn't looking forward to my foster family coming at all so me being early was my way of dodging them and making my uncle happy. Amber told me she wanted to change scenery instead of going back to Uncles because she wasnt feeling the crowds being all over her. So she suggested we go to our favorite old corner store to eat. She dropped our fight earlier after I mentioned uncle Kurtis for some reason. It was as though it never happened but as I got dress Anthony told me what he done so I knew I owed her an apology later. Driving she called Que to see what was going on through the bluetooth of the car audio loud enough for us both to hear.

"Hey girl how you and Anthony holding up? she muffled."
"Girl fuck you so now its Anthony instead of Chuckee. Ray mustve gave you some dick because you aint big on kids."
"Que you tripping now you know what you got a big mouth."
"And so do you so Ray need to put it to work!"
"Listen yall both first need to stop talkin like that about my son. And neither one of you better not call him Chuckee he just unfriendly sometimes and overprotective. But how is he is all we called to ask?"
"He's good Ray eating all the candy and fast food we ordered. Now yall get back to humping my baby need a playmate."
We all laughed in unison as Amber hung up. Entering the establishment the door chimed as we walked to the counter to order the food hit our nose making my stomach grumble. Chez was grabbing a bite to eat alone with some bags of snacks. The vein in my forehead popped out as he approach Amber. Amber was as nonchalant as I thought she would be. She spoke while grabbing my hand asking me to share a patti melt with her. And a pop like we use to do after school when Chez use to diss her to hang out with the boys. Bending down I hugged her from the back smiling at her respecting me. I knew it took alot but Chez walked out with his tail between his legs. I paid them since our order was already made but still hot. As we walked out I was approaching the car door after putting Amber inside being a gentlemen. My eyes locked on his girl in the passenger seat smiling as she flashed me her tits. Chez wasnt in the car he was in the trunk. I pulled the door knob when suddenly I felt a hard hit to my body. Turning around Amber ran over to my side of the truck to help me get up. Only in the distance to see Chez in his Tahoe burning rubber heading down the highway. I attempted to get up to get inside the back of the car but failed when Amber began to help me as I placed most of my weight on her. Taking heavy breaths as she jumped in the driver seat to drive to the hotel. Quickly entering the hotel I tried again to get out but she yelled for help before some guys and her opened the car door.
I looked around where I was as the clouds around me covered my feet that I could barely see the white forces on me feet. My eyes wandered my tiny hands and I was small without the muscles I have now. I felt my fingers in my head to feel my clean Allen Iverson cornrows and my tongue touching my braces with a feeling of confusion. I felt a hand on my shoulder making me jump realizing it was Sonny. Sonny was just like I remembered him always wearing a red plaid shirt with black jeans. Rocking a buzzcut with a crooked smile. Making me jump out my skin I through my arms around him in a brotherly hug as tears came from my eyes. In response he hugged me back patting my easily on the back.
"Damn I cant believe its you Speedy man you are suppose to be with my sister. You know I'm fine here just like old time watching yall game waiting on my sister and you to make it oneday. Oh I know you havent told her but you really need to. Funny thing is she might have news for you to. And trust thing will work out for you."
Shaking my head in agreement letting him go I did our strange handshake before I began to dissappear. Sonny assured me that I was going back home to get things right so it was best I did just that. In my heart I felt at peace now that I finally got to see him again. After all these years it was only right because of Ambers presence. Now that I was given a second chance it was now that I made things right with her just like he would have wanted.
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