I Can Make You Love Me

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Chapter 22

Anthony and I were sleeping on the couch after the incident the last two days hoping that Ray awake as we awaited in our pjs. Its crazy because Anthony began to like me and I disciplined him the best way I knew how. Until Kara came knocking at our door after her 8 hour flight the second night because I had no choice but to call her after 24 hours. I knew if Ray didn’t wake up that I couldn’t provide for him the way he’d would want me. As I stared at Anthony the second night he had a strange ways about him that made me reminisce. That night I checked on his dad after mutiple times I began to cry while along his bedside trying to speak.

“Ray baby wake up this aint fair. How we reunite and you leave me like this..."

Anthony walked up to me and hugged me.

"Its okay Ms. Amber. My daddy is strong" he said flexing his muscles like a superhero.

Laughing I hugged him back before tickling him. As he laughed we were alerted to the door. Kara came inside not bothering to speak to me she just ask for Anthony belongings. It was crazy because she loved Ray at one point and right now she didnt give a damn. We entered Rays room where Anthony clothing sat in the closet as I gave her the bag. Heavy little foot came rushing into the den part of the room for Anthony to excited before he began whinning. He ran away from her as she reached for him walking in our direction. His little arms wrapped around my leg as she stared in shock. His body language gave it away that he didnt really want to be with her. I unloosed him as he ran to my bedroom with us following close behind. Jumping on the bed he cried with snot bubbles forming from his nose pleading for his daddy to awake so he didnt have to leave.

"Come on Anthony stop making a scene you know better than that now."

"Noooo please dont make me go. I like daddy and his new girlfriend."

"Girlfriend hu?"

My eyes shifted to the ground as she put his bag on the bed before approaching me. I knew Kara envied me for having a relationship with Ray she knew nothing of but she wasn't suprised when I called. Something about Kara gave it away that she already knew. Her eye rolling and bougie manner gave me bad vibes. When she got close enough to whisper she laughed placing 100 dollar bills at my feet.

"You think you top shit I'm showing you what Ray seen in you. And the fact Anthony is so important in your life for many reasons thats beyond my knowledge that Ray never wants to share. But bitch you're nothing but a lost soul. You dont got no life and the little bit of family you got they dont want you. And a brother who died making a life for you and your dope fiend mama."

Kara walked over to pick up Anthony as Ray began to suddenly move. Our attention was focus on him once Anthony ran over to his dad before Ray told him not to jump on him just yet. When Ray eyes made contact with Kara and I he made me leave and told Kara they needed to talk. I went in the living room fiddling my fingers before Anthony appeared by me. I was in a world of saddness because everything Kara said made me wonder what life would be like if Sonny was here. And all she speaking of sounded like a lie but I was going to get answer in due time.

Moments later I could hear Ray telling Kara to leave because she can get the divorce but not Anthony after what she done. In the past I never dealt with kids before but I wonder how he could manage with Anthony alone. She walked out eye balling me not even bothering to say goodbye to her son. Anthony just kept on playing with his Spiderman laughing with me. He watched her leave and didnt even cry or beg for her. My mind was blown and I need answers when Ray was up for it. Other than that I was going to try to build up this relationship he and I shared. I hoped that he didn't think I had nothing to do with him being harmed.

After Kara left we got dress and went out for a little bit to walk in on Ray sleeping. I had ordered security for us at the park and one at the hotel door for Ray just in case. Leaving out Anthony beg me to take him to this park he visit next to Uncle Kurtis house. We got out to enter the gates of the area where the wing set and there once again stood Sonny ex girl. We were crossing paths over and over again making it awkward. Making our presence known Anthony began to play with all the kids one by one. He rushed to the swing next to the kid who sat aligned with the woman. The child and Anthony looked so familiar that it was weird. I stood and watched as Anthony interact saying his name and asking the little girl if she wanted to play. Fast enough for Sonny ex to tell her child it was time to leave. In response the girl told her mom they just got there. She ignored her and I went to push Anthony as they made there way out the park.

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