I Can Make You Love Me

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Chapter 23

I awoke to a pitch black room and kisses to my manhood being licked arousing me. I took my left hand to push her mouth down onto my shaft more. It felt good as hell but the meds didnt stop me from growing in her mouth. I could barely open my eyes but enough to move my hands over her body. Thinking to myself that Amber wanted me to get me off after Kara stressed me out so badly. Grabbing at her lingerie she placed my hands above my head as she got on top to ride me. Laying back taking all the pleasure as she rode me grinding her hips further and further till I was about to nut. When I heard her moan the room tempt rose as she scratched my chest up. Before her tongue touched my ear I let go inside of her realizing I didnt have on no protection. She pecked me on the lips before sashing out the room.

Later on I awoke and began to attempt to move around only to see I was alone. Amber came inside from outdoor along the side of the security guard carrying Anthony sleep in his arms. It was crazy because I knew she like kids but fronted for the ones who didn't truly know her reasons why. My eyes zoomed in on her ass in her jeans fitting her ass properly. She was fucking me so well I felt like she had made me hook with what was between her legs. I gained the strength to get up and move around a bit. My mind was so focus on being sexual with Amber again after security placed him down I was gone be all over her tonight. The security guard I spoke to left after he did just that as Amber slowly closed my bedroom door. Walking over to her still in pain she hugged me tightly. Holding her hand I guided her to the bathroom walking to the jacuzzi tub filled with red rose petals. I had pulled out all the stops by lighting scented candles and slow rnb jams on the overhead speaker.

"Amber I just want to show you how much you mean to me tonight. I can assure you that we wont be disturbed or anything just you and me. I want to taste and touch every inch of you."

Not giving her much time I starting kissing her on the mouth before there was a alert to her phone. We ignored it as I undressed her and slid the rest of my underwear and shorts off. I finished what I started kissing her on the lips all the way to her lower stomach entering two fingers inside of her. As the juices flowed down my fingers I was getting as turned on ready for round two. I lead the way getting in the tub as she did the same. The moment she entered I used all my strength to turn her over hitting it from the back. After my three stroke I felt something tear but I kept going. I couldn't stop to figure out what it was as my eyes were closed till Amber alerted me to slowly get out. Still in the mood to please her she got out leaving me alone putting on her rob that was on the door hanger. I examined the water turning red more than the real rose petals bled.

"Damn baby I promise I'll be fine if I can get a few more strokes in please come back" I begged.

Watching her wet body dripping getting out I did the same as she called for the Dr. I grabbed a towel to cover my private. Than another to apply pressure to my wound where blood was dripping from my lower back. Laying across the bed the Dr made her way up in no time carrying her tote bag to the bed.

"Ummm Mr. Ray how did you bust your stitches" she asked while examining.

Amber was laughing before I started doing the same.

"Honestly doc me and Amber was having sex. Look you think you can put more staples in so I finish my night?"

Shaking her head the doctor looked over her glasses at me with a towel over myself and Amber in a robe.

"No sir you both need to cut the out aleast for a week for you to fully heal."

"Damn man I cant do that forreal like I need that every other night. You know what I mean doc?"

Amber cleared her throat as the doctor shook her head at me. Within 5 minutes she fixed me back up and I layed back in bed as she left out the room closing the door followed by Amber. When Amber returned she told me Anthony was still sleeping peacefully. She sat on the bed staring at my chest in confusion. Than went to grab her phone that was vibrating more than once as we was making love from the bathroom. Coing to sit back on the bed silently she unlocked it putting in her code as I tried to unloose her robe. Amber began getting up to stop me to pack her belongings calling for Anthony.

"Anthony she yelled."

"Hold on Amber whats going on?"

"Anthony" she cried before he came whipping the cole out of his eyes inside the room.

"Listen to me your daddy and I arent going to work out okay I'm leaving but heres my number any time you want to call me you can" she murmured giving her card to him.

I told Anthony to go into the other room so we can speak alone. Amber took off her robe applying clothing calling security. They ran in before I told them to get out or I was gone buck if she didnt talk to me. Walking by me I got up to go to the door that held us all inside to prevent her from exiting the room.

"Man what the fuck did I do now Amber?"

Amber laughed as she reacted sucker punching me in the mouth. Hard enough for my mouth to bleed I tasted the blood in madness. Before I could get to her the security team held me back. It took everything in me not to hit her back. This girl attitude was through the roof. Picking me up they carried me to the front door.

"Yeah take him out how you gone fuck me and you fucked Chez ex a few hours ago. Thought I didn't know that you fucked her in this same bed. Than you enter me raw to! Aint no telling where that girl has been. Plus you meet her here in the lobby that day we was on the way to my mother."

She played the audio of her phone of us flirting when I first met her only catching the part when she told me we could meet for drink and I agreed. I grabbed my phone to call my Uncle Kurtis telling him to pick me up. Instead of leaving Amber as she cried Anthony trying to console her. In return she picked him up giving him a hug before telling him that they'll meet again.

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