I Can Make You Love Me

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Chapter 3

I was in the car driving her to her condo when I got a flat tire. It was weird because the tires and engine was checked before I moved the vehicle. I put the window in the back down to let the women know I needed 10 minutes to change the tire. Staring at her she agreed while finishing her drink. For some reason she was a little lit compared to when she got into the car. I put the window up taking off my jacket and collar shirt to be in my white crisp tank top. I went to trunk to unload and load everything out on the ground. In the mist of it my phone ring and I grabbed it out my back pocket. It was my boss on the phone about to bitch. He was asking me about what went on and I explained. After the weekend when he get back he stated we had great things to talk about. I was in shock I got so excited I jumped up in rejoice. Knowing that I moving up and wanted a promotion that I was gunning for against another manager on the night shift. Trying to control my happiness I ended my call getting back to work. Once again my phone ring and this time it was Kara.


"Dont hello me you know that I have to work and you were suppose to get your son from the babysitter today."

"Kara you make your own hours and he'll underastand I'm a man that has to work."

"Work thats what you call it?"

"Yeah since now you trying everything in your power take me for everything I got."

"Know what fuck you Ray your son wont know need you after I get this divorce finalized."

"And what the fuck is that suppose to mean" I said scratching my head."

"Exactly what I been saying" she hung up the phone.

I kicked the tire and got back to work when Amber got out the car to offer me a bottle of water. I told her to get back in the car and that everything will be good.

"Are you sure you're not thirsty its pretty hot?"

"Dammit Amber fuck the water!!!" I yelled.

Amber got in to slam the car door and I had complete the job before getting back inside to drive to the location she needed to be dropped off at. I pulled up and I went to open her car door. She just walked up the steps and stopped in her tracks to thank me once again. When she got to her condo door I waited till she got inside the drive off. For some reason she couldnt get in so I put the car back in park to walked up to the door where she stood.

"You need some help?"

"No I'm good I dont need help from you. After earlier honestly I dont know you were acting different so I rather take my chances."

I grabbed her hands and she jerked them away. She opened the door and went inside not bothering to look back. I noticed she cut on every light in the house as she mad her way inside. I knocked on the door to get her to come back so I can apologize. She opened the door fearfully as I smiled to lighten the mood.

"Amber just know I'm truly sorry about taking my anger out on you. Right now I got alot going on and it has nothing to do with you. Just know it'll never happen again."

I hurried down the steps as she watched me pull off into the night. I hit the horn and turned out to make a right out the gates that opened to the local streets.

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