I Can Make You Love Me

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Chapter 4

It was finally morning and I got no sleep. I been on the phone with my little cute fling I had in Dubai at the moment. He called me nonstop during my work hours it was only right I returned his call. I explain to him more than once all night that what we had was just sex that I just couldn’t get enough of. In Dubai I was in a bad place I didn’t go no where but stayed in my condo so sex was a way for me to entertain myself. I was in my bathroom doing my morning routine of a hot bath to get me going with him on FaceTime. He was headed home from work driving in his Aston Martin. The seat color were candy apple red and he was shifting gears as I look at his chocolate skin with grills that match his toned body. He sported a polo sweater looking himself over in the mirror and me at the same time. I was grabbing my towel when he started smiling harder as I got out to dry.

“Damn Amber how I miss all of you baby.”

Rolling my eyes I dried off and got out carrying on his conversation.

“I’m sure you do and it would be nice to come back to Dubai soon. But first I got some things in my life I have to put in perceptive. And when I get finish I’d really have time to date you know.”

“Yeah well baby this ride don’t stop I’m a man and I got needs.”

He hung up and called me back on FaceTime but this time I ignored him. I didn’t have time for his manipulative attitude. It’s one thing for a man to have ego but to think his ego bigger than mines that’s a hell no. I began lotioning my body when my doorbell rang. I put my rob on and crept to the door to see who it was because my driver had an hour before he got there. I look through the blinds to see it was another driver. Opening the door he stood nervously I told him that I wasn’t going to be ready for an hour so if he don’t mind sitting and waiting I’d be down shortly. I ask if he needed anything and he walked off mumbling that he wasn’t waiting no damn hour. I slammed my front door and called my manager. She answered the phone explaining to me how important this role was for me to get today.

“Listen to me if I don’t have the driver I had yesterday I won’t be there simple as that.”

“What happen with the driver who suppose to get you?”

“He’s an asshole. I told him to give me an hour and he acting like he got better things to do. And if that’s the case I'll go tell him myself. I don’t know how long it’ll be before I get there but just excuse me just this once.”

I hung up the phone with the intentions of getting dressed once again. I put on my biker shorts romper with my air maxes. My door had got a knock at the same moment I finished my hair placing it in a bun. Looking myself over for my final touches opening the door to someone else. Annoyed I told the driver to drive me to their head quarters right now.

I headed there to walk inside to see everyone eyes directed on me. Peoples ask for autographs and pictures with me. The driver lead me to his office and he was busy so I had to sit and wait in the lobby for him to finish up a conference call. After 5 minutes his assistant told me he’ll be with me. I sat in the chair longue hearing through the door him lecturing someone. The door was so thin I could hear every word.

“Man Dre next time you speak to her or anyone like that your fired. You my boy and all but you know I’m up for this promotion and you not making it no better for me. So take the rest of the day off and whatever you do please don’t go to the bar tonight.”

The man who was at my house earlier walked out. He walked over and apologize to me while the guy from yesterday eyeballed him from the office door following him out.

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