I Can Make You Love Me

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Chapter 5

I wasn’t sure how I could make things up to Amber for Dre actions on this morning. I knew I had to come up with a good explanation but before saying anything she told me that I could make things up to her by driving her for the rest of the week. And that she wasnt taking no for an answer. Gathering my belongings as we headed out we caught a glimpse of a tv showing her face. Amber stopped in her tracks to ask one of my office co workers to turn it up. We stared at the tv as we saw cameras flashing of her here in California on yesterday. Amber stood in place with me along the side of her watching and listening closely to the news reporters commentary.

“Yes as you can see our very own Amber Stokes back on the scene. You may not remember her. Anyways as for the ones who dont know that she lost her brother recently and shes been mia. Now its a possibility that she maybe going bankrupt according to her money management team. Amber we hope that this new movie works out for you sweety because youll need it.”

I cut the tv off grabbing the remote dismissing everybody back to work. Embarrassed as can be Amber took off leaving me. When I jogged behind her she got in the nearest taxi. I headed back into my office to only find more work piled on my desk of reservations of the upcoming month. Adjusting my collar shirt I took a seat at my desk while getting back to work. Working hard I barley noticed it was time to go home late that evening. I was so busy reflecting on the past I didn't realize everyone had clock out and I was the only person there. My mind ran on the day I meet Amber at school my first day at Collin High as a junior.

Collin High was a beautiful built school I attended after I got tooken in by my foster parents. I was adopted by this black family in a nice neighborhood. They accepted me into the family as their own. But on my first day I couldn't find my classes after wandering the halls. I turned a corner bumping into the most beautiful cheerleader I ever seen with her crew. Amber body was toned her hair was curley including the fact everyone wanted to date her. That specific day she told me were my class was along with her girlfriends who were cheerleaders as well. After they found out I was trying out for the football team every girl wanted to holler. Still I only had eyes for Amber until I got to lunch to see her with the quarterback Chez. Not bothering to get to know me she just watched me at a distance and I did the same. Crazy thing was we spoke here and there but that was it. Amber only had eyes for Chez and Chez proposed after graduation from what I heard. I continued pursuing my dreams and it seem Amber did the same. Now I had her in my grasp and didnt know if I wanted to take the chance at hollering at her finally.

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