I Can Make You Love Me

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Chapter 6

I layed in bed crying my eyes out for the past two days. It seemed every time I tried to step out paparazzi was there. I figured they will learn where I was staying so I stayed low key. My fluffy pillow lifted my head as I came from under neath the covers staring at a picture of my brother and I on my nightstand. I thought to myself about how some days I wish I was a regular person because people had no idea of my struggles. Now I was in a predicament of possibly going broke after talking with my lawyer unfortunately. My phone ringed off the hook of everyone that I had lost contact with especially my fake family who were burrowing off me for the longest. And I didnt know it till now how I let it get out of hand. Not so long after my brother died I fell apart. I was constantly in the limelight and buying things to comfort myself knowing it wasnt helping. My doorbell ringed so I looked from my bedroom window to see who vehicle it was. I seen the town car and buried myself more into the covers once again. The horn honked a few times before he finally left. He sent a message to my email apologizing for what I was going through shortly after. Than another came in telling me I had a gift at my front door. Unsure of what it was I went to my front door quickly.
I picked it up and locked my door going back to my bed upstairs. When I sat it down on my bed I contemplated about opening it. I finally did to see a yearbook of my old high school Collin High marked with a bookmark. I opened the book to see a picture of people I use to know. Unsure of what this was about I went through the hand written memos in the front from other students. Over and over again I kept reading Speedy name everywhere. Than a picture of myself with hearts around it in my cheerleader uniform. Confused I got his phone number off the card he gave me and called him. I hope he could fill in the blanks because right now I was unsure of who Speedy was to him or what it meant. I remember Speedy in school even though he was cute my heart was with Chez. You couldnt tell me I was in love with plans to be Chez wife. When the phone ringed he answered in his deep baritone voice sent chills down my spine.
"Hello he said."
"Yes I got your gift but I'm confused as to how you know Speedy."
"Damn I havent got to do my job but you curious about who Speedy is to me he chuckeled."
"Ummm okay how about I rephrase it. Hi, how are you now how you know Speedy?"
"Well I tell you what Amber meet me for dinner and we can discuss Speedy in person."
"Ummm what is your name we keep meeting but I don't know your name."
"Its Ray actually but I take the date as a no."
"Well Ray I'm not dating anyone I'm going through alot and you seem like a sweet guy but its so much you wouldn't understand."
"How about I pick you up and we drive somewhere with takeout simple as that. Listen we can even eat in the town car if you like. I just really want to see you Amber...."
"Okay fine but make sure we go somewhere that I wont be noticed."
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