I Can Make You Love Me

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Chapter 7

I went over to Kara’s since she was home after having my kid for a while before my upcoming date this evening. Kara and I worked to make sure that my son saw us as he did when were living together. I had to make sure it stayed that way to let him know we were always there for him and were going to be. My son was 5 even though he acted like he was 30. He was everything I was except he was a smaller version of me. What truly amazes me the most was his love for helping other people. He truly got that trait from Kara because I wasn’t for it unless it was beneficial. Walking ontoMthe steps with my son ahead of me knocking on the door I noticed she didnt answer. Her porch was no bigger than somebodys bedroom with a nice patio full of green plants. On the other side sat her patio set I brought her one valentines day I reflected on those times because they were how I made my son love nature. Still some of what Kara did prove to me why I couldnt deal with her bullshit no more. My son knocked and so did I at the same time. Looking back I eye balled her Mercedes in the drive way. It was hot and I was beginning to sweat so I reached at the top of the door to get the house key.

Entering the house my son ran to his room. I noticed there was an open bottle of wine on the table and clothing leading to the bedroom she slept in. Thank god my son room was on the other side of the house. After I called for Kara she finally came to me in her rob. Her hair a mess and my son running back out his room to hug her.

“Kara I hope your’re not fucking no one in this house when my son is here?”

She told my son to go back to his room as she tried to pick up the clothing. I became heated because things were already bad between us now I had to be a dick.

“Listen we dont use that language around him first off. And secondly who I decide to fuck is my business” she marked pointing her index finger at me clenching her jaw.

“Know what I’ll see you in court Kara fuck this shit. And if its who I think it is than tell him go fuck himself” I yelled so he could hear me before walking out the door.

I carried Amber a meal and a bottle of wine because I didnt have it in me to share a nice night with her. I was going through something and so was she. My mind kept running on my son walking around calling another man daddy. I miss being in a household with him or even putting him to bed. I put on some music and took multiple shots of my crown in the driver seat while headed to Ambers spot. I was feeling good when I went to knock on her door that I knocked on the glass windows instead of the door. She wasnt done getting dressed even though her makeup was flawless. She stared at the food in my hand while I tried to gain my balance.

“Ummm Ray you know we spoke of a date in your town car correct?”

“Yeah but I dont think tonight is a goodnight. Listen I’m not tryin to lead you on just that I’m not up for it. My son moms and me butted heads today and now I’m taking her to court. Now my son will have to see the hell I have to put his mom through.”

Amber folded her arms before trying to giving a expression like she trying to wrap her hand around it. Feeling hurt I just took a few steps back to sit on her porch and cry. The tears streamed down my face as I tried to tough up in front of her. Amber sat beside me in a pair of jeans that hugged her curves right. A t shirt that read Versace and some slides to match. Along with her fingernails and toes complementing her outfit. Surprisingly she rubbed my back and told me to come inside to talk knowing she couldn't sit out there long. The condo she had was beautiful as I took in the scenery she cut on the tv and ask if I wanted a drink. I told her I had enough to drink. Me drinking was the main reason I was crying and she laughed at me. Than Amber excused herself telling me she would be back in a few minutes. A few minutes turned into 20 and before I knew it I was getting comfortable before passing out.

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