I Can Make You Love Me

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Chapter 8

It was finally morning after I came downstairs to the kitchen juggling every pot I could to awake Ray. It was cool having him here I felt safe compared to all the months I was mia. Knowing I could count on him if anybody tried to harm me last night. I look at him on the couch to see if he’ll awake seeing he was fidgeting in his sleep till he didnt budge. I proceeding putting on breakfast looking for tools I needed since it would be my first time cooking in this condo. I glanced to the couch to see his muscles flex across his body as he placed his arms across his chest. Oh my how I got turned on so I reverted back to last night in my mind. Therefore I made myself mad again because by time I got downstairs he was sound asleep. I know one thing for sure I was glad that his baby mama dont know me because I'd give her piece of my mind.

Finding a frying pan I began frying some turkey bacon stuffing it inside a egg omelet. Within time for the omelet to be flipped I felt someone watching me. I saw Ray move before he began smiling at me from the couch. I smiled back before asking him was he was hungry. He agreed but ask if he could clean himself up. I pointed him in the bathroom direction. He headed inside as I watched his toned ass till the toast popped out. I was finished but sat at the table with him. Ray came and sat down starting off apologizing.

"Amber I'm truly sorry about last night. I mean what can I do to make it up to you since your treating me like a king."

I looked up at the ceiling thinking of a million things. But one came to mind and it was the only one I was truly going on that date for.

"Okay whos Speedy to you seriously."

"First tell me what you thought of him in school" he joked placing the fork down with toast going into his mouth.

"I mean Speedy was fine and very sweet to. At the time when I was in school my interest was on my ex Chez. But every female wanted Speedy he was athletic than got a scholarship when we graduated. He almost went to the pros from last I heard."

He continued eating smiling harder than before like he won a million dollars. The vein in his neck popped out showing his muscles better. I cleared my throat asking if he was thirsty getting up quickly. Ray asked if I had any almond milk which was one of my favorites. I got up to get him a glass opening the fridge. He got up to place his plate in the sink walking up to me for the milk.

"Well you so curious about Speedy how about your looking at him in the flesh."

I turned around dropping the glass of milk on the floor. Chuckling Ray cleaned it up as he told me to take a seat. He cleaned up the milk retrieving napkins from the counter. Its crazy because Speedy became good friends with my brother getting him into all the games free. My brother at the time was working two jobs to take care of our family. He would only catch me cheering after half time but he'd show unlike my moms. Still no one came for Speedy except a game or two throughout the year.

"You know that my brother died right?" I asked Ray.

"I found out when I went back home after my issues in college when I lost my scholarship. But at the time I wanted to talk to you they said you were some big star and got married. Just remembering who Chez was I didnt want you to get beat Tina."

"You so right about that and he cheated were the reason I couldnt go through with it. But how you knew it was me? You know some folks get rich and they look different."

He stared at my shoulder with my brothers name. The tattoo was the same one me and Sonny had gotten for my 16th birthday because we couldnt afford nun else. He took me to his homie house and thats where I got Sonny on my shoulder and he got Amber on his chest near his heart. I rubbed the tattoo in thought as Ray went to get his shirt to put on. He came back over and he asked for a hug which we exchange. Than he told me to call him if I needed anything as he left out the door.

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