I Can Make You Love Me

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Chapter 9

My boss finally came back into the office after weeks of being out of the country on his vacation. My palms were sweating as I kept thinking about this promotion sitting at my desk. If I did get it and it worked out than that meant I would be a director making my own schedule as well as overseeing other managers in the office. I kept my eye on the door or phone for him to call as I worked. After half the day I couldnt take the anticipation no more I went to try and catch Dre. Over the past few weeks I hadnt seen him much it was as though he was mad at me. He could be mad all he wanted I had a job to do. When he started effecting my money than we got issues. I went outside into the car garage on the west side of the building. Today he was wiping down the range rover before his next call as I cleared my throat to get his attention.

“What up Dre?”

Dre didnt bother looking in my direction he went inside the car turning up the music sensing my presence. I went to tap him on the shoulder to get his attention. The moment I touched his shoulder he threw the rag down and walked off. Before he could get through the side exit he announced something in front of everyone to me.

“You know whats funny you all up my ass about my job. Funny thing is that you in competition with someone else for that position. Funny thing is he brought from over seas back with him. Now how about that motherfucker.”

He pushed the door open and slammed it shut. My world was fucked up and I felt so angry I kicked the nearest trash bin on the floor. I felt betrayed like why would my boss wouldnt tell me to my face. I was done for the day when I go to my office I gathered my belongings leaving. When I reached home I got my stuff out the back to see a paper on my front windshield. I was so curious I opened it up before going inside the writing was in a black marker.

Dear Ray,

Stay the fuck away from Amber shes trouble. If you like her as much as you say you do you'll do what I say or your dead.

p.s. I’ll give you a warning sign if you dont believe me

Opening my door my maid who came by every few days came crying rushing to me. She spoke english a little bit enough for me to get what I need her to do. Coming to the door once I got inside with fear in her eyes she got on the subject of my son making my put my things on the floor. She guided me to the phone to see I had a message so I play it aloud for us to hear. Kara told me she was taking my son to the hospital because they were involved in a car accident. I jetted my car back downtown by passing the traffic hitting the back streets. I didnt know in my head what was worst at this time. My career coming to a stand point or my son dying I need both of these things to survive. My son weighed more I just hope he was okay. The message came at 11 o oclock and now it was 1. I dropped my car off to valet in the front of the hospital approaching the receptionist desk. The lady told me that my baby mother was okay but my son was in surgery. I followed the direction they lady gave me to get to the kids sitting area. Kara approached me in her yoga outfit with blood on spec on her clothing hugging me crying.

“I dont know how this happen Ray. Really am I bad a mother to be punish like this?”

I closed my eyes hugging her tightly in comfort. Her tears hit my shirt as I held her chin up to look me in the face.

“Dont blame yourself these things happen I just hope that hes okay.”

Kara wiped the tears and went into detail about how it all happen taking a seat. The way it sounded it was as though the note could be a repercussion of me meeting Amber I let the thought ponder my mind. After a few hours of sitting in the hard chairs I told Kara I needed some air so I went to call Amber. After 3 rings she answered energetically.

"Wassup Speedy."

Getting straight to the point I did exactly what the letter said. Even making a lie so she could quickly get over me.

"Amber I like you and I know we were seeing each other here and there and I cant do it anymore. Me and my baby mama are going to press forward with working on our family. I'm sorry but-

Amber hung up the phone on me. I felt my chest getting tight at the thought I was hurting her. I knew she had gone through alot since losing her family member. At this time in my life I had to protect mines.

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