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Anne and Walston was met with an accident...Also known as the accident which made them 'strangers again', will Walston get his memories back? will fate get them back together again? or life has planned something else? read out to find out!

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Anne pov:

I woke up to realize I was on a bed and saw a nurse who was taking some supplies beside the table on side of my bed I was on, Why am I even here?... Am I in a hospital?!?... I sat down hoping she would realize that I'm up and explain what the hell is going on...She realizes that I'm up and turned back with a smile and say "U woke up!" I gave a confused look and say "Yea, but why am I here?"
She sat down on a chair beside the bed and says "Well dear...U met with an accident when u were in a car with Walston" Walston?!? I started to get my memories back...It was our 2 year anniversary yesterday and he looked at me and gave a smile and said "I have a surprise for u babe!" I curiously asked, "Can I please know what's the surprise?!"He laughed and said "Woah calm there kitty! u will know it soon!" it could be about 30 mins in the drive and I don't remember anything after that...
The nurse says smiling "Your one brave girl! u would have almost gotten blind but u was survived from that happening, Ur head and legs are only hurt, I'm sure u will recover soon!,u have no side effects gladly" I replied "Thanks..." Wait!?! does that mean Lucas would have got hurt as well!? I asked the nurse "Was Walston hurt?! Is he safe?!?" The nurse smile faded as she says "Well...he has only hurted his right arm but he also got hit badly on his head, that he lost 4 years of his memory" HE LOST HIS MEMORY?!? I met him 3 years ago...does this mean he would have forgotten me and our love?! I panicked so bad that I wanted to walk to him but my legs were hurt making me unable to move, The nurse says "Wait a sec dear, I will be back" I nodded and she went and came back with a doctor...
The doctor says "U survived an accident! I bet ur one brave girl! u will be discharged soon! don't overwork yourself, and take rest a for a few months and u will be back the way u were in no time!", I gave a smile to respond to him, But in the bottom, my heart sank..It hurt a lot inside...
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