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Chapter 2

3 months later -

I was recovered and I had only some inner pain in my legs, My friends came Visited me daily...and I started going to school, I asked mom whether I could tell about the past to Walston, She says "Sorry dear, he is dealing with so many stuff right now, his mother told us to not tell anything about this to him, Cause it can make him deal with his health" My heart sank, Cause that was my only hope I had..."Will he get his memories back by any chance" I asked almost watering up,
"He may or may not get his memories back sweetie...I want u to stay strong in both the outcomes dear..." I hoped he would get his memories back, But inside I was hurt and nervous...I say "Oh alright mom...I will get ready to school then..." and ran to my room as fast as I can and locked the door, I can't help it...Tears fell from my eyes, I tried to cheer myself up saying "Don't worry he will get his memories back and all will turn to normal" I dressed up and went to school hoping I could see Walston...I heard a voice call my name, I turned back to see that it's my best friend Amelia, I was happy to meet her, I smiled and waved at her...We chatted for a while, I saw a boy passing by it was Walston! I say "Amelia, I have to talk to him, I will be back!" she understood and says "alright!"

I went to him and say "Hi babe! I'm so happy to see that ur alright!" He looked at me for some time and replied "Erhm...Do I know u?" My heart broke when he said that...I couldn't tell him who I am also.. g r e a t, just great! I tried to hold back the tears and say "Oh Uhm...I got to go" He was confused and say "Uh ok cya then-" I went to the bathroom to let the tears out, I can't believe he forgot me!! is our 3 years of relationship nothing...Will he ever get his memories back? Pain surrounded me...

I heard someone coming, It was Amelia, she says "You're here!! I was searching for u, why did u run?"... she noticed the teardrops coming from my eyes and say "wait...are u crying!? what happened??!" I told her everything and she says "I'm sure this happened to let u to something good! maybe u deserve someone better, I will be with u no matter what Anne", I say "Thanks bestie, no one can understand me better than u" I wiped my tears and hugged Amelia and she hugged me back and patted my back, she says "Everything is going to be alright! , I promise!" I smiled

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