Honeymoon Confessions

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"I know you, Justin. You are a very possessive man. You love being rough and dominant in bed. You love fucking me from behind. You love seeing me shake so bad from an orgasm. You love..." "Shut it!" Justin roared when he felt he had heard enough. His behavior made her smirk. He was falling into her trap of getting under her skin. Unfortunately for her the smirk gave her plan away. He approached her till they were about two feet apart. "Do you know what else I love more than all that? I love licking every inch of her perfect body, making her shiver. I love looking into her eyes when I make love to her. I love the look she makes when I'm deep inside her." Michelle scoffed. "That's only because I was not around." She jumped off the piano. "But now I am." This made Justin rub his temples in an attempt to sooth his nerves. He wondered why she didn't understand what was right in front of her. How she could leave him to hurt for three years and just walk back, hoping everything would be peachy was a wonder. "It's too late." He found himself repeating. "I moved on from you." Everyone has a secrete. They are there to protect us but when they become to much, they can break down worlds. They managed to make it through their wedding ceremony without having to spill the beans about their past lives to each other . Although, their honeymoon was not as smooth. Past demons arrive to hun

Drama / Mystery
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Chapter 1

“This is amazing.” Jean spoke up, out of the blues. Shandell agreed with her best friend. “Tell me about it.” She took a sip of her champagne as she looked around the hall. The sight before her was almost angelic. The celestial theme was a good idea. “Have you told him?” Jean asked. Shandell rolled her eyes, already knowing what she was talking about. “Really Jean?” You’re doing this here?”

“Shandell, you can’t hide secretes of your past. Secretes break relationships.” Shandell looked around before dragging her to the corner. “Shut up.” She warned through clenched teeth. Jean dragged her hand back. “You know I’m right.” She whispered back. Shandell rolled her eyes. It was times like this that made her wonder why she was still friends with her. “You think it’s easy to walk up to Justin and just.........tell him?”

“Tell me what?” Justin asked, suddenly making an appearance. “Shandell shot Jean a hard glare. “That you’re the most amazing person in the world.” She said as she slowly faced him with a wide smile on her face. She sighed internally, pleased what she said made sense. She walked into his embrace and landed a long passionate peck on his lips. Now, they faced Jean. Justin with an honest smile and Shandell with a forced one all at Jean.

“Again, I’m so happy for you both.” Jean admitted. “Thanks. I feel like the luckiest man on earth.” Jean nodded. “Justin can you get me another one?” She wagged the empty flute before him. “I finished this one.” He took it and excused himself. Once they were alone, she faced her friend. “I won’t allow you ruin anything for me, especially on my wedding day I won’t tell him, and neither will you.” She walked two feet in front of Jean before continuing. “Got it?” Jean looked like she was contemplating the idea for a minute. She shrugged. “Whatever.” Was her response.

A smile spread across Shandell’s face. She reached out for Jean’s and gave it a gentle squeeze. “Good. Now continue being my pretty bridesmaid and help me turn up.” Jean smiled at her friend’s silliness. She didn’t quite agree with her friend’s decision, but she was right. It was her wedding and she deserved to enjoy it to the fullest.

On Justin’s way back to his wife, he met his best friend and best man, George, who tried to stop him for conversation. “I’ll be right............ He tried excusing himself, but George was not having it. “Are you serious?” He asked, not even trying to show the shock in his voice. “It hasn’t even been twenty-four hours and you’re acting all tied down and gone into good puppy mode.” He mocked. Justin rolled his eyes. He wasn’t even going to argue with him. He allowed him take one of the flutes from his hand.

“Now this,” George pointed at the drink in his hand. “Is just plain and boring.” He briefly cocked his head to the side, signaling for Justin to follow him. They made it to the corner of the hall, behind a round table. George searched in his coat pocket, secretly took out a mini alcohol flask and showed to Justin. He couldn’t help but smile as he watched his friend empty the content of the flask in both their glasses. George handed one to him. “And now,” he raised his flute up for a toast. “To the beginning of your days as a pet to the woman you chose.” He joked. “Fuck you.” Justin replied, mirroring George’s actions. They sipped their drinks and sighed in pleasure. The extra alcohol was most definitely a spectacular idea.

“Did you guys talk?” George asked his friend. Justin took another sip of his drink before he spoke. “I thought against it.” “What?” George wiped his face with his palms before continuing. “I thought we already discussed this?”

“And I thought I already told you no. She doesn’t need to know anything other than what I already told her.” George rolled his eyes. He expected those exact words from him. “It’s not fair to her. Trust me even if what you tell her hurts her, it won’t be as painful as it would be with her finding out from somewhere else. She...” “George. George.” Justin cut him off. “Not here. I don’t want to tell her and let’s keep it at that. The only people that know of this is you and me. If neither of us tell her she’ll never know right?” George looked away for a second, then back at him. “Sure.” Justin nodded, happy at least that was out of the way, again.

“Hey!” Shandell chirped in. She moved to her husband and attached her arm to his. “I’m sorry but I need to borrow him for a second.” She dragged her husband behind her. They stopped in the middle of the hall. “Please tell me who invited Lauren.” She cocked her head to the direction of Lauren. Justin looked behind her at the woman in question. He laughed. “She came as Derrick’s date.” Shandell’s scowl deepened. She wasn’t a huge fan of the lady in question and that was more than fine with her. It was a mutual feeling. “She’s not that bad.” Shandell’s eyes widened at her husband’s words. “Not that bad? She’s complaining about everything. Oh, the chicken is too spicy. Oh, this champagne does not taste expensive enough.” She mocked, imitating Lauren’s behavior.

Justin burst out in a fit of laughter. He made a good choice in picking a wife. With her around there would never be a dull moment. He turned her to him. “Ignore her. She’s just jealous of you.” Shandell raised an eyebrow. She wanted to play along. “Really?” she wrapped her arms around his neck. “Well what exactly should she be jealous of.” Justin shrugged and wrapped his hands around his wife’s waist. “Maybe it’s because you’re married to the most handsome man in the world.” She laughed at his choice of words. “Really?” He nodded in response to her question. She pulled him closer to her, so the lips were almost touching. “Maybe.” She closed the thin space between their lips.

"Hmmhmm.” The clearing of someone’s throat cut their little make out section short. With a final peck, they faced the culprit and soon as they did Shandell released Justin’s hand in sudden shock. With worry in his eyes, Justin asked. “Are you okay?” She forced a smile and nodded. “Of course. I was just...shocked to see Sean here.” She took back his hand and faced the man before them. It was now Justin’s turn to raise a brow. “You know each other?” He asked her. Shandell’s heart rate increased. Her head snapped his direction but before she could respond Sean spoke. “Yes.” Once again, her attention was on him with wide, almost pleading eyes. “She was the event planner at my cousin’s birthday party.” He continued with a smirk plastered on his face.

“Really?” Justin asked no one in particular. “Yeah.” Shandell licked her suddenly dried lips. “Long, long ago.” She added.

Sean had that annoying smile on his face again. He knew she was frightened and shocked by his presence. “Congratulations to you both.”

“Thanks.” Justin replied while Shandell just maintained her forced smile.

“You look amazing.” Sean complimented Shandell. She swallowed hard and looked at her husband then back at him. “Sure _ I mean thanks.” She replied nervously. His smile broadened as her realized how uncomfortable he was making her. Shandell had to think fast before their little took another turn. She knew what he was playing at and honestly, she didn’t want to wait till it reached another level.

Luckily for her, George came over and said some business colleagues wanted to take pictures with Justin. The unfortunate part of that was when he left, she was alone with him. She tried leaving but he blocked her path. She looked around her, praying no one was paying attention to them. “You thought you could hide from me?” There was this mockery in his voice.

“Leave me alone.” Shandell tried walking past him but once again he blocked a path. He heard her inhale sharply. “I have eyes everywhere beauty. Watch your back.” He threatened and walked off, leaving her heart still thumbing, ready to jump out.

They made their way through their family and friends, both having the biggest smiles on their faces which only heightened as the tulips where thrown at them. “Argh!” Marleen, Shandell’s mother screeched as she pulled her into a tight hug. “I’m so proud of you.” She sobbed. They looked into each other’s eyes. “Thanks mama.” She released her mother and moved to her friend whiles Justin walked to their car. “I packed everything you’ll need.” Jean said, shrugging her a bit. Shandell almost rolled her eyes at her friend’s revelation. She knew Jean had a crazy mind and was a bit scared of what she had packed.

Justin honked the horn at his wife for her to hurry. It was a long drive to their location and he really needed them to get there before it was too late. Shandell got ready to run to the car.

“Call me when you get there!” Jean hollered as Shandell run towards the awaiting car. She shared a smile with Justin when she made it in the car. He took her hand and gave it a tight reassuring smile as he sparked the car. She waved their audience as he drove off.

Things felt right for Shandell now. She had waited a long time for this and finally, she was Mrs. Grayson. It felt even better when she said it out loud. Her head turned to Justin when she felt him gently squeeze her hand. His eyes glittered in excitement and love when they met hers. She returned his smile and looked back out the window. She hadn’t felt such happiness in her life and honestly, she like it. She allowed the lights of the city and soft music playing in the car send her to sleep, allowing her to dream of how she wanted her marriage life to be.

Justin smiled as he briefly looked at his sleeping wife. She had her head on the window. This was what he wanted, with the woman he loved. He wasn’t going to let anything, or anyone come between them. She had done a lot to help him and he wasn’t willing to let such help and affection go.

About forty minutes later, they made it to their destination. He got out of the car, to her side and carried her out. He handed the keys to the valet that waited for him and continued to carry his sleeping beauty into the ship _ ′Amore. ′It was part of the surprise he had for their honeymoon. He was going to take her on a cruise which was headed to Hawaii. They’ll spend about a week there then they’ll move to his private island. She had to love it.

He was welcomed by soft, low music. He allowed an awaiting help to lead him to their suite, completely ignoring everybody. Finally, they arrived. He went straight to their master bedroom, where he laid his wife. He felt a bit bummed that she was sleeping. He had waited all two years of their dating period to have her and now he had to wait? Now he wasn’t one to go by the old sayings and wait till after marriage before having his women _ or anyone he desired, but it was different with Shandell. She wasn’t exactly a virgin herself after giving her virginity to her high school sweetheart back in high school but she said it was a mistake and wanted to give herself only to her husband the next time and he respected her decision. He loved her too much not to.

The tired man walked to the door upon hearing a knock and opened it. It was the help that directed him to them their suite together with two others. They had their luggage. Justin opened the door a bit more to allow them in. He waited at the same sport as they took it into their room and came back.

They knew who he was, and they knew it. They expected a huge tip from one of the youngest billionaires in the world and once again, he knew it. He took out his wallet and took out a couple of dollars for them to share. He unbuttoned his shirt as he reentered, they room where his wife lay. He decided to search for something more comfortable for her to sleep in for. Imagine his shock when he opened one of her bags and pulled out a revealing lingerie. That was what the bag was filled with. That and a couple of ‘toys.’ He smirked to himself as the thought of his angle being naughty for him filled his mind. He shook the tempting images away. He took out a less revealing one and changed her into it. He took a cold shower and joined in bed.

Although the night didn’t end like he planned it was okay. He had his wife in his arms. He pulled her closer so her back was on his front. He inhaled her neck and smiled as a moan escaped from her. He felt his member twitch a bit. Tonight, he gave fatigue the victory over his pleasure, but tomorrow was his. Tomorrow she was his.

Shandell woke up first the next morning. A smile formed on her lips when her gaze fell on her sleeping husband. “I am Mrs. Grayson.” She thought. She gently removed herself from his hold and into the bathroom. The ideas they used for decorations were beautiful. Her fingers brushed over the beautiful marbles against the wall. She stopped in front of a mirror. Her curls were everywhere, her deep brown eyes where bright and so was her light caramel skin. The memories of the events that took place the previous day flooded her memory as she began brushing her teeth. After she finished, the stripped and got into the bathhouse.

She moaned when the warm water touched her skin, relaxing her tense muscles. The previous night she and her husband could not be intimate, and she was nervous about it now. She had never been naked with him, ever. They only had wild made out sessions here and there but that was where it ended. During their dating period she was a bit nervous about telling him about her belief in marriage before sex because of his previous bad boy reputation but he proved to understand where she was coming from. He did forget her promise here and there but always apologized for pushing her.

Her little flashback was interrupted when she felt a hand wrap around her waist. She gasped when her back was pulled against a hard chest. “Justin?”

“Yes, Mrs. Grayson?” He replied in a seductive tone. He had his head in the crook of her neck. A nervous smile grazed her lips. “What are you doing here?” She asked. He planted a kiss on the crook of her neck, making her shiver. “I want you.” He replied. Her beat faster in anticipation. Slowly, he turned her to him. In a twisted way, the nervous look she had on her face turned him on more and she seemed to have noticed as she felt his member poke her lower stomach. She looked down in amazement and gasped at the size of it, making Justin smirk. He directed her hand in the direction of it. “Come on, touch it.” Nervously, she inched her hand closer and closer till her fingers almost touched it.

Justin released a deep groan as she wrapped her fingers tightly around it. When she looked up at him with innocent eyes, he lost it. He grabbed her head and planted his lips on hers. Their lips moved in sync but about seconds later she struggled to keep up with his domineering movements. “Mmmhm.” She moaned out as he grabbed her ass, kneading it with both hands. Needing air, he moved from her lips to her jaw, then the sensitive part of her neck, sucking and licking the area.

“Argh!” Shandell allowed her hands to roam his back.

Justin’s head moved head moved to her chest. He placed light kissed all the way to the top of her left breast. He took a second to mold his arms around them. They were a perfect fit. Shandell’s arms travelled to his head. She gave it a gentle push towards the breast and that was all it took. He swallowed the nipple whiles his free hand massaged the right breast.


After a while he gave the right breast the same attention. Her moans kept pushing him to go harder and harder. Gently, he went on his knees and gently parted her knees. He looked up at her with hooded eyes. She licked her lips, ready for anything he was about to give her. His eyes fell back down and came face-to-face with her bare vagina. His hands moved from her waist to her ass, pushed her to him and covered her lips with his mouth.

“Oh God!” She moaned. Her fingers were now rooted in his hair, massaging his sculp. He kneaded her ass in an almost painful manner but the pleasure she was receiving complimented it. She could without a doubt be considered a moaning mess.

Justin felt he was enjoying the fellatio more than she was. He loved the way her juices tasted and wanted more. He slipped his tongue in her. Moans slipped out of her as he moved his tongue in and out. He looked up at her as he replaced his tongue with a finger. “You like that don’t you?” He asked as he continued his assault. Shandell shook her head vigorously. She bit on her lower lip in a useless attempt to minimize her pleasure. Justin’s mouth replaced his fingers once again. “Fuck! You’re tight.” He commented.

Soon Shandell felt a knot in her lower stomach. The pleasure increased inside her, and she felt like she was going to burst open. She had a tight grip of his hair. “Justin!” She moaned. “I think I’m going to...” Before she could finish her sentence, pleasure rippled through her. Her legs began shaking uncontrollably as she rode through her pleasure.

Justin regained his natural height, towering over her. They shared an intense look before capturing her lips once again, making her taste himself. He needed more. He carried her so she wrapped her legs around his waist. Justin growled loudly when she grabbed his member. She moved her hand up and down. “Fuck!”

He put her back behind the glass wall. “Put it in, baby.” He groaned and she did just that. Shandell squealed in pain as Justin groaned. “Wait! Baby pull it out.” the pain she was feeling now made her think of the time she lost her virginity which was, well, over six years ago. “Just relax. I’ll take care of you.” He promised. She nodded.

He waited a while for her to adjust to his size and after she gave him the go-ahead, he started moving. The water from the shower plus her juices made it easier for him to move in and out of her. It was sensual and slow but pleasurable. She liked it. She began sucking on his neck, trying to keep her moans in her throat. He put one hand on the wall, by her whiles the other was holding her in place. He brought his penis all the way out and took it all the way in.

A groan slipped from Justin’s throat as she scratched his back.

“Argh!” Shandell could feel that familiar pleasure build in her stomach. He wrapped his hand around her neck. “Say my name.” He growled.

“Justin.” She replied in a low moan.


“Justin!” This time she was louder.

“Fuck yes!” He pulled her in for a rough kiss continuing his sweet torment. As the pleasure increased Shandell began shaking a bit. “Ju ...Justin, I.... thi ....” she struggled to say. “Wait!” Her voice became shaky. He knew what she was struggling to say but that pushed him to change his strides to short but hard.

“Argh! JUSTIN!!” Shandell quivered in pleasure as her orgasm rippled through her. He followed her with a loud growl and shook as he released his sperms into her. They held each other in a tight hug, trying to get their breathing to normal. When that was achieved, she placed her feet on the wet floor and smiled up at him. She could feel his semen run down her thighs. They shared a smile and a hard kiss. “I love you.”

“Love you too.” He replied. “Let’s get you cleaned.” Justin said to his beautiful, innocent wife.

Justin pushed out the chair for her. Shandell took time to admire the large restaurant. Even the interior décor screamed riches, something she wasn’t exactly used to. The captains voice caught everyone’s attention. “The cruise has begun. Have a nice and memorable experience on Amore."

Justin smiled at Shandell. He saw the excitement in her eyes. He could only imagine her reaction when he told her of his plans for the honeymoon. “I’ve been wanting to get on this ship for God knows how long, but I just didn’t have the money.” She admitted. As an event planner at an upcoming company, she only earned enough to cater for herself. Something like what they were in was way out of her league.

Justin on the other hand was another story. At a very young age of twenty-eight, he was one of the most influential men in business. Although the success story started from his powerhouse of a father, he could still proudly say he kept elevating the business once he took over three years ago. “Well we’ve become one now. Everything I have is now yours as well!” He looked her deep in the eyes as he said, wanting her to know how much he meant every word he said.

She smiled warmly at him. Although no words were said, the silence was enough. They both wanted each other. Their moment was short lived when a waiter came in with their menus. They placed their orders and made small chit-chat as they waited for their food.

After lunch they made it to an orchestral show in an auditorium. Inside was filled with men in expensive, well-tailored suits and the women in even more expensive designer clothes and jewelry. Way out of her personal league. A man approached them. “Ah! Justin, good to see you.” Wrinkles appeared at the corners of his eyes when he smiled. He was older. Fifty, maybe.

Justin returned the smile and shook the man’s hands. “Ronan. Good to see you too.” The man’s smiley face turned into a shocked one when he took notice of Shandell. “My-oh-me! The magazines don’t do you justice because you’re prettier in person.” He praised as he pulled her in for a hug. She smiled at him when he let her go. “Oh! She’s beautiful.” He added. He turned and called a woman over. She seemed about three years older than Shandell, so probably around twenty-six. “Nora, meet Shandell, Justin’s wife.” The woman let out a dramatic gasp. “Oh! She’s perfect.” She squealed.

Shandell smiled at her husband, then back at the couple. She thought it better to introduce herself so that they wouldn’t think she was rude. “Hi. I’m Shandell.” Nora nodded. “We already know that honey. I’m sure everybody in here knows.” Shandell nodded internally. Of course, they knew her. She was married the Justin Grayson.

Justin took his wife’s hand. “You didn’t attend the wedding.” It came out as a statement. Ronan had an apologetic look on his face. “Something came up on the coast. You know how the people there get.” He explained. Michael nodded. That was his language. Business. Eat it. Love it. Live it. He would have done it. “Tell me how the ship....” A nudge at his side cut him short. He faced his wife. “This is our honeymoon. You promised. Remember? No business.” She reminded him. He smiled and pecked her on the lips. “You’re right. I’m sorry.” He apologized. During their courting period, he would get so caught up, he forgot dates. Sometimes even called to cancel. The last straw was when he stood her up on her birthday. After days of begging he promised that during their honeymoon the only business he was going to attend to would be the one concerning their family and future.

Ronan and his wife smiled at the young couple. “We’ll leave you both now.” The two men shook hands one more time. “Enjoy your honeymoon.” The older man excused himself and left with his wife. After them she was introduced to a few other influential business colleagues till they sat for the show. The lights went down, leaving about six spotlights on stage.

“This is my favorite piece.” Justin whispered to Shandell after about twenty minutes into the show. Shandell forced a smile. She never really did fancy shows like this. Once, when she was a child, her mother tried to make her study the violin. It didn’t work out great. She hated the instrument and despised the sound it produced.

Justin knew her well-enough to detect the fault in her smile. “I’m sorry.” He apologized. “I didn’t know you didn’t like it.” She bit her tongue. Of course, he did because she told him. She shook her head. ”No, it’s okay.” She lied. “Excuse me.” She stood and quietly exited the auditorium.”

Shandell released a breath she had no idea she was holding when she finally made it out and asked someone for directions to the nearest washroom. Halfway there, she felt a something hit her leg. She looked down at the well-dressed child on the floor and picked her up. ”Oh, I’m sorry sweetie.” The child giggled, exposing her few teeth. For a brief second Shandell thought the child reminded her of someone she knew.

“I’m so sorry.”

Both heads snapped in the direction of the voice. A woman, about the same age of her Justin approached them. Shandell got the picture. The lady was the child’s mother.

“No don’t worry.” Shandell handed the baby over to her.

“I’ve seen you somewhere before.” The lady pointed up, placing the baby on her hip.

Shandell nodded. Probably from the magazines and newspapers advertising her as Justin Grayson’s woman. Before she opened her mouth, a male voice spoke. “You found her.” A handsome man stood by the woman. His face was familiar. Of course, she knew him. He was her husband’s sworn enemy. He was......

“Christian McCarthy.” She looked down at the hand he stretched towards her. It seemed the woman was briefing him on their encounter. She shook it. “Shandell Muller Grayson.” The look he gave her was as expected, shock but he quickly replaced it.

“I knew I had seen you somewhere before.” The lady said.

“Christian smiled. “You’re the wife of Justin Grayson.” Shandell smiled. “I know the things your husband has told you about me, but I do wish we can be friends.” She wasn’t sure how her husband would take it, but she hoped it wouldn’t really matter. She could make her own friends.

She smiled and nodded at him. She returned his smile with a nod.

“Cristian McCarthy.” A far too familiar voice said. Justin appeared at Shandell’s side and pulled her close, with a hand wrapped around her waist.

Cristian smirked. “Justin Grayson, good to see you.” There was evidence of tease in his voice.

Justin offered the same smirk, his gaze never falling on the woman with the baby. “Is it?”

Cristian shrugged. “Meet my wife. Michelle Michelson McCarthy. Justin’s gaze finally fell on the woman. A second passed, and another, and another. “This can’t be.” He thought. ”She couldn’t be.” Maybe he was dreaming. Yes! Definitely. So, he looked at her again, and again. She was still there. The same person. The rate at which his heartbeat accelerated. In a good way? In a bad way? He didn’t know but he knew if he maintained the rate it may explode. Little did he know one statement from her could slow it down.

“Hey! It’s a pleasure meeting you.”

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