The No Kiss List

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Lara and her gay best friend Ely have a list they call The No kiss List that they write the names of the cute guys their not supposed to get involved with. They've been best friends since childhood and their friendship comes to a test when the all fall for the same guy. Are they going to get passed their differences in order to save their friendship. Please point out mistake. I'm still editing

Drama / Fantasy
Francisca starlight
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Chapter 1

Writer's POV

Lara and Ely have been beat friends and neighbours in the same apartment building in New York City for years.

Lara's POV

Ely and I walk on the same road we've been walking on almost every morning. He is escorting me to school since he doesn't have any class today. As Ely and I walk past a group of guys , he turns around to look at them and a guy smiled at him.

I hate that Ely is gay. Don't get me wrong I don't have anything against gays, it's just, it's just not for him.

Writer's POV

Eli is gay, often having casual hookups while Lara is heterosexual and has recently began dating Bruce 2. Although Lara's has always been in love with Ely. Bruce 2 because there's another Bruce that's living in the same apartment and that's Bruce 1
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