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Lila has always been distant from everyone. She thought they didn't love her,care for her. What happens when her and the school's bad boy are forced to spend time together. Will it blossom or will it wither? Read to find out

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1

"Hey Mom" I say slinging my bag over my shoulder and sitting on the stool beside the counter.

"Lila,how was your night?" She drops her coffee mug and says to me.

"It was normal as always" I look away from her looking for the food on the counter.

I didn't see anything,she didn't cook?

"Lila i have something I need to tell you" She says before our front door opens and Roger comes in.

"Morning Roger" I say looking down at my laps.

"Morning Lila" He says and smiles at my mother.

I look away from them.

My mum should be fast with this,I don't want to be late.

"Have you told her yet?" Roger says loud enough for me to hear.

"No,I just wanted to" My mum responded and they both look at me like I was some experiment.

"Well Lila" My Mom said beaming.

"We'll be living together!" He said beaming as well.

My Dad left me when I was 13.

Since then,I and my Mum have been struggling.

The only people I care about in this world is My Mum and Jesus,no one else.

I'm not happy about leaving my house but I am happy that I have a place to stay without worrying about paying the rent.

I get up and go over to hug her and Roger joins in.

"I am so happy,Thank you Roger" I say.

"You're welcome" He says heartily.

"No worries mom" I said to her.

"Oh I almost forgot,here's some lunch money" She says.

"Thanks mum" I say and take it from her.

I hug her and then leave.

No matter how I love my mum,I don't do all that lovey dovey stuff.

I get in my car and drive off to school with my bag on the passenger seat.

When I get there,I sling my bag over my shoulder and lock my car then walk to my first class.

The Hallway is a little crowdy and it irritates me.

Getting my books from my locker,I walk to my first class.

I trip over someone's leg and a pair of huge hands catch me before I fall.

I look back when I am stabled and see Caleb looking at me with his eyebrows furrowed.

"Oh, sorry" I say and walk away.

Thankfully he didn't stop me and I got to class.

Class is boring and I am losing my patience,plus I am hungry.

I keep glancing at the clock but it seems time is moving slower.

"You know the time isn't going faster right?" I jump at how deep the voice is.

I look back and see Caleb smiling at me.

"I know" I say monotonely and look forward.

The professor is looking straight at me.


"Miss Woods could you tell the class the last thing I said?" He said in a bored tone.

"No I cannot" I say in the same bored tone he used.

"Leave my class" He says and turns back around.

"No I will not,you don't own this class and i paid for it so you cannot kick me out" I say getting irritated.

Teachers act like they own the school.

"I said leave my class" He turns around and says.

"And I said No!" I half shout.

I hear multiple hoots and cheers from the students and I care less.

All I want is for this man to leave me alone.

"We just had a little conversation, you're acting like we distracted the whole class,If anything you distracted the whole class by bringing their attention to me" I say to him.

I am fed up with all of this from teachers.

"Miss Woods what has gotten into you?" He says removing his glasses.

"Nothing" I almost spit.

"Respect yourself or you will find_" He says but I am already out of the door.

I hear shouts and hoots but I don't care.

I can't let someone walk all over me.

I get in my car and leave.

I haven't eaten so I drive to a nearby bakery shop.

I know I shouldn't eat sweets in the morning but I am craving cake.

I get out of my car and lock it and walk to the front door.

As I open it,it makes a little jiggle because of the bell above me.

"Hey,what can I help you with?" The Lady said smiling.

"I would like two slices of this coffee cake with mocha icing and Vanilla Hazelnut Milk" I say pointing to the glass case with cakes.

"Of course,your order will get to you in a few minutes" She says and i go over to one of the chairs and sit down.

While waiting I pick up my phone and play games to pass time.

The Bell jingles and I look up.

What is he doing here?

He might be here to eat too so I look away.

I try to stop but I can't help myself and I look back to see him ordering.

I guess he hasn't seen me yet.

Why should he see me?

He mouths a "thank you" and I quickly look forward.

I hope he didn't catch me staring at him.

"Is this seat_oh hey" He says.


"Hey" I say and look down and he sits.

He knows he can get his own table right?

"Didn't know I'll see you here" He says.

"Me either" I say back and pick up my phone again to distract myself.

"I hope I'm not bothering you,well if you don't mind that is" He says looking at me, his gaze piercing through me.

"No,no I don't mind" I say scratching the bnack of my neck

Yes,yes I do mind.

My cake arrived with my latte and I dig in.

"You must be pretty hungry" He says smiling.

"So?" I stop and ask.

"Nothing,just that other girls would've pretended" He says looking at my food.

"Don't compare me" I glare at him.

"Sorry" He puts his hands up in the air.

"If you don't mind,I texted my friends to come over" He says.

"What?" I drop my fork.

"I mean,this is kinda boring" He shrugs.

"What? Kinda?!,why are you here then?" I half shout.

"I'm not following you" He rolls his eyes at me.

"I never said you were" I snap.

"I'll go to another table then" He says and leaves the table.

"Fine" I grumble.

Maybe I shouldn't have overreacted.

Maybe I didn't.

He shouldn't just invite his friends over without telling me.

Why do I sound like a crazed girlfriend?

I quickly eat the cake and pay then leave.

I see two boys coming to the place and I know that they are his friends.

One whistles and I walk to my car faster and shut the door then drive back to school.

When I get back,gym just started so I go change.

When I'm done,I come back and I don't see the boys.

But they are part of the school's football team

It's not about football though.

Lila stop caring!

"Hey! Miss Woods,to my office now!" The principal says and people who I assume knew what happened start hooting.

He walks away and I follow him.

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