The Cunning (Book 1/2)

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The picture Mitch had given the boys had a crease where it had been folded to temporarily remove Madison from it. Jase stared at it. Wondering how the hell she managed to end up in a life like this.

“Stop torturing yourself,” Sam said as he placed a coffee down in front of Jase. He didn’t say anything. “Look on the bright side, as soon as she’s gone, Mitch backs off, business picks up, people stop questioning you. Everything returns to normal.” Jase twitched a brow but didn’t have the energy to muster any sort of response. It was weird, what constituted as normal in different people’s lives because whilst guns, drugs and sex was their normality, to anyone outside of the house, it was all foreign. He couldn’t help but think about what life would be like if he had a different type of normality.

“Yep,” he mumbled. Sam tilted his head.

“I’ve tried to think of ways to go around this but I can’t. There’s no other way out.” Jase just nodded absently. It had been better when he couldn’t feel anything. When the girls were nameless faces passing through and there was an element of respect from more or less everyone so you knew you weren’t being crossed. But with Mitch making a racket, Ramon would eventually pull out of dealing with them and that was the girls done and most of their drugs as well as the legal appearance of everything in the books. Ramon was essentially the boss of bosses and if Madison kept making dents, they were all going to get fired which in their world could very well mean getting a bullet between the eyes to ensure you can’t become any type of informant.

“It’s fine. I’m coming to terms with it. Madison was fun whilst it lasted but we have a job to do.” He got up, leaving the coffee and going for a drive to clear his mind. She had well and truly clouded his head since she’d been there. He hadn’t been able to think straight. That was all going to end in the next few days. It was better this way.

“What’s going to happen to Madison?” Janine asked once Sam had vented about how down Jase was. He shrugged, shaking his head.

“If we go through with my plan, Jase turns her over to Mitch. And it has to be him do it as well, he can’t be on the back burner. He has to be the one to sell out on the girl that’s caused all of this shit otherwise people will still see him as weak.”

“What will Mitch do to her?” Janine chewed her lip. Sam had tried not to give it too much thought, it didn’t help him in convincing Jase to let her go by thinking of what was going to happen to her once he did. He needed to have a backbone through all of this. If not for his own sake then for Jase’s. He was clearly having trouble with all of this and that was expected. If Jase was capable of loving anyone, it would be Madison.

“I don’t know but it won’t be our problem anymore.”

He lounged around with Janine all day, not having anything better to do until nighttime rolled around, he heard Jase come back, a few people with him. They were having another party, trying to make back any money that had been lost through the club being closed and all the drama going on.

“You coming down?” Sam asked Janine.

“Yeah, in a bit. Am I okay to go see Madison?” He pursed his lips, shaking his head.

“No, she’s not going to be here much longer, I’d rather you start distancing yourself now.” Her heart sank. This was really happening. She had really thought that Madison was untouchable. At first, it had seemed like a phase but after seeing how Jase looked at her, the idea that she was at any risk was laughable. So impossible. She’d even had faith that Madison had the brainpower to eventually escape. But then, she couldn’t really be surprised. This was Jase, after all. He was renowned for being able to make tough decisions and cut people off when it was absolutely necessary, that was why he was top boy. He did the things no one else could do. She was more surprised that he hadn’t taken her out as a mercy killing rather than handing her over to Mitch.

Janine eventually joined everyone downstairs, going over to Sam, taking a seat next to him at the table.

“Where’s Madison?” she asked, Jase didn’t look up from the joint he was rolling, just shrugging. That hurt even Janine to see. As much as he may be trying to hide it and save face, it was obvious that he was cut up by the choice he had to make. She’d never had to feel sorry for Jase before. She’d usually had an underlying dislike towards him. Respect, sure, he let Sam act differently around her and he’d enforced the rules concerning her with Benny but other than that, she’d seen and heard of him doing some awful stuff. This wasn’t the nicest way to be reassured he was still a human and capable of feelings.

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