The Cunning (Book 1/2)

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Janine felt the warmth of Sam’s arm as it snaked over her waist, pressing their bodies together as her back moulded into his chest.

“How did everything go today?” she asked.

“Madison goes tomorrow,” he replied, his voice laced with a slight discomfort.

“That’s quick.” Sam hummed.

“Yeah, I think Jase just wants it all over and done with now. We have no more moves against Mitch. He’s got people turning on us all the time, he’s shooting up the club, the less Jase does in reaction, the dumber we all look. It’s obvious that Mitch has got the upper hand and the longer he holds that upper hand, we just get backed further into the corner. I think even Jase knows it’s better to quit while we’re ahead. Not that we are ahead.” She turned to face him, sitting up a little and leaning over him to flick her lamp on.

“He’s actually going through with it?” It didn’t seem real to her. She was sure that Jase would think of another way to deal with things, something that spared Madison after everything he’d already done for her. She just hadn’t seen it all coming to this.

“I hope so,” Sam sighed, Janine scowled at him.

“That’s not fair, what if it was me and you in that position-” Sam was shaking his head.

“Not because I have anything against Madison, I really don’t. She’s a fucking pain in the arse but I get why Jase has a soft spot for her, she’s like a female version of him. But we all knew this had to end somewhere and this is the one with the least collateral damage... he needs to go through with it because if he doesn’t, he’s dead.”

“Why? Because of Mitch?” Sam smiled sadly, shaking his head.

“No, even if we got rid of Mitch, by the sounds of things, her dad would come looking for her next. And then there’s the case of other people stepping on our toes because once again, Jase had stepped in the firing line for Madison but not because of that.”

“Then why?” He looked her in the eyes.

“Because Ramon asked me to kill him if he backs out of the deal.” Janine’s eyes widened. Her heart either sped up or stopped, she couldn’t decide. This was Sam’s best friend and from the look on his face, he was considering it.

“But you wouldn’t, right?” He pursed his lips. That was the question racing through his mind.

“If I don’t, Ramon will send someone else for both of us and that would end up including you as well.” Janine sunk back down in the sheets. She didn’t want to know the answer to any other questions. Sam couldn’t rest though. The second the words had come out of his mouth; he had wanted to suck them back in.

There wasn’t a chance in hell that he could pull the trigger on Jase.


the last chapter will be posted after I finish work in like, 16 hours x

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