The Cunning (Book 1/2)

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Jase was laid on the bed with his eyes closed when Madison returned from the shower. On the desk was fresh underwear, her bra and another jumper she assumed was his, with some leggings. He opened one eye when he heard her come in and looked away when she turned her back to him and dropped the damp towel, allowing her to get dressed in the only privacy he could offer.

A few minutes later, a small weight pressed down next to him as Madison shuffled around, curling up into a ball. The fact that she was trying to be so quiet amused him. Last night had clearly unnerved her, and she was now stepping on eggshells.

Good, he thought, at least she’d stop being such a pain in the arse for a little while. However, Madison was more concerned with the fact that people tended to possess shorter tempers when they were tired. If she was going to get anywhere, she’d have to make sure that the line she walked wasn’t pulled any tighter by things as simple as exhaustion.

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