The Cunning (Book 1/2)

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“Had a call for Madison today,” Benny said, rolling a joint as Jase entered the living room.

“And?” he asked. Benny looked at him as he licked the paper, folding it over.

“He wants to know when he can come round and see her.” Jase nodded slowly, taking his phone out and feigning nonchalance as he thought on his feet.

“When she’s eighteen,” he replied, aware that the excuse about her being aggressive wouldn’t slide so easily here. He’d turn to his box. Benny frowned,

“What do you mean?”

“Unless he wants to pay another twenty bags.” Benny narrowed his eyes at Jase, waiting for him to elaborate. Jase smiled menacingly. “Think about it; he paid for us to get her in, not to get her in and her services. If he’s paid that much for one girl, why not make him pay a bit more? He’s clearly eager.” Benny cocked his head and Jase knew he’d caught his attention at the possibility of generating more money. “We keep her all untouched for him until she’s eighteen or, he pays more to get her now.” He was walking the line, hoping Benny was stupid enough to bite the bait. The grin concluded he was. “That way, when she is eighteen, we can still charge him a boatload which he’ll more than likely pay because he’s waited for so long.”

“You know,” Benny said, taking a lighter to the end of the joint that hung from between his lips, “after how you were with her last night, I was beginning questioning whether I knew you. It’s when you think like that, I’m reminded just why I let you work here in the first place.” Jase refrained from scoffing at this statement as if Benny was doing him a favour by letting him work there. Benny had needed Jase to structure the whole thing they had going on otherwise he would be either dead or in prison right now.

A sufficient weight lifted off of Jase’s shoulders, he’d made his life a lot easier with this bargain. Benny didn’t care about anything but the money. He didn’t even care about their reputation because Jase was the one that had established that and he’d fix any damage that was done where Madison was concerned.

For now, the issues surrounding her were resolved. He was in the clear, at least until she was eighteen but by that point she would be as good as the countless others. Working or not, the house irretrievably broke them down. You only had to strip someone of their rights for a good length of time before they ultimately succumb to self-objectification and turned into shells of people. It was a shame for someone like Madison, so much wasted youth, but he knew he had to accept it was just how things were. Now he’d bought himself time, he could relax.

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