The Cunning (Book 1/2)

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“Half an hour in the bathroom,” Sam said, opening Madison’s door and waiting for her.

“Where’s Jase?” she asked tentatively. She hadn’t seen him for a few days and it made her uneasy. At least when he was around it seemed she was relatively untouchable. Or at least, he wouldn’t put her in a position where she could snitch on him.

“What’s it to you?” Sam replied, bored. Madison walked to the open doorway,

“It was just a question,” she mumbled and was abruptly halted in her tracks as Sam put his arm across. She looked up at him, trying her best to let him know she wasn’t intimidated. One corner of his lip twitched up slightly, but it wasn’t quite a smile. It was too cold to be a smile.

“Watch yourself,” He warned. Madison didn’t say anything else, making her way to the bathroom silently.

It was night time when her room was unlocked again. Jase walked in, flicking the light on and disturbing her from one of the numerous naps she took throughout the day. He was in a black t-shirt and black tracksuit bottoms. A bandana around his neck, ready to be pulled up to cover the lower half of his face. She watched him stride across the room, opening the wardrobe. The metallic scraping of the coat hangers being pulled back and forth made Madison’s teeth hurt.

“Where the fuck has that gone?” he mumbled, stepping back and staring at the clothes.

“What are you looking for?” Madison questioned and he turned around then pointed at her.

“That.” She looked down at the black hoodie she had on.

“Sorry, it was in the wardrobe. I didn’t think-”

“It’s fine, just give it to me,” he cut her off impatiently, holding his hand out. She did as he said, subconsciously covering her chest with her arms. Jase glanced at her, then grabbed another hoodie, pinging it off of the coat hanger with one hand and tossing it to her. “Do you need to go to the toilet? We’re going out so you won’t be let out again for a while.” Madison shook her head, her stomach erupting with anxiety and excitement.

This was what she had been waiting for.

She tried to conceal her joy at his words, not that he was paying attention as he patted himself down. He took a switchblade from his pocket and Madison wondered if he always carried it. Once he had decided he had everything, he pulled the bandana up, making eye contact.

He looked exactly as he had the night he’d let her go.

Madison’s gut twisted. She had the sense to know that she wasn’t a random capture, they had gone straight to her front door but now she questioned whether Jase knew and had tried to stop it. She opened her mouth to ask why he’d let her go but thought better of it. The reason didn’t matter now that she was there. That would soon change and she couldn’t catch herself softening towards him just because he’d tried doing the right thing once. He wasn’t doing it now that it mattered.

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