The Cunning (Book 1/2)

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They took the stairs of the council flat building quietly so Oliver wasn’t alerted of their presence. Jase felt for his switchblade as he waited out of view from the spy hole. Sam knocked. The door opened and he smiled.

“Alright, Ollie?” he asked. Before Oliver had time to respond, Jase stepped in front of Sam and booted the door, forcing Oliver back as they marched into the flat. He was already trying to talk his way out of trouble, scrambling backwards on the floor and up the wall.

Sam closed the door to minimise chances of neighbours interfering if they heard a commotion.

“Where’s my money, Ollie?” Jase asked calmly. Oliver was stuttering,

“I’ll get it to you man. I just need a bit more time-” Jase was shaking his head.

“Unfortunately, you’re out of time.” His hand was clutching the blade in his pocket, about to pull it out when he was stopped in his tracks. A small voice came from beside them, causing all three men to look down the hallway. A little girl, no older than four, was stood at one of the bedroom doors in fairy pyjamas, a teddy dangling in her hand.

“Daddy, who’s here?” she asked. Jase looked back to Oliver; brows raised as he waited for him to get rid of her.

“Just some of daddy’s friends, baby. Go back to bed. I’ll come read you another story in a minute,” he reassured her to the best of his ability, trying to conceal the shakiness in his voice. She turned around, shutting the door behind her. “Please,” Oliver went back to pleading, “I’ve got a daughter to feed.” Jase flashed a menacing smile.

“Should have thought about that before you ran up a £300 bill.” Oliver was sweating, licking his lips nervously and Jase was growing more and more impatient. “I’ve got a switch in my pocket, Ollie. It would be a real shame if one of your daughter’s earliest memories was seeing you cut up in your hallway.” Oliver’s eyes flared, realising there was no quick way out of this.

“I’ve only got £200 here, I can get you the rest soon.” Jase tensed his jaw,

“How soon?” Oliver shrugged,

“By the end of the week, honestly, I’ll even come round and drop it off.”

“I’ll come and get it next Friday,” Jase replied, stepping back. Oliver nodded.

“Yeah, fine, that’s fine.” He went into the kitchen, opening a coffee jar and pulling out a roll of twenties, handing them to Jase who chucked them to Sam. Sam unrolled then, counting.

“I’ll be here at half five next Friday, Ollie. If you’re late on a payment again, I’ll drag you into your daughter’s room and cut you in front of her, understood?”

“All here,” Sam said. Oliver swallowed and nodded. Jase smiled.

“Glad we got this cleared up. Enjoy the rest of your night mate.” They showed themselves out, jogging down the stairs.

“Did you know his daughter was there?” Sam asked. Jase frowned.

“I didn’t even know he had a kid but if you owe money, you owe money. A kid isn’t going to be your get out of jail free card.”

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