The Cunning (Book 1/2)

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Jase wasn’t out for long. A few boys were sitting in the living room - their runners.

“You got more gear?” Harvey, a young blonde boy eager to move up in the ranks, asked. Jase dropped a package on the table in answer to his question and sat down.

“No more ticks to Oliver,” he said, using his switchblade to slice open the white plastic the cocaine was sealed in.

“Why not?” another runner asked, leaning forward to pick up a lighter off the coffee table. Jase pulled the scales over, along with the wooden box full of dodgy bags.

“He’s got a kid; he shouldn’t be spending money he doesn’t have on drugs.”

“Since when did you care? If he isn’t getting it from us, he’ll go to McKinney. You know that, right?” Harvey said. Jase just shrugged,

“Let him. I don’t need customers like that and he’s unreliable anyway.” No one else questioned it, not willing to question Jase when all they did was shift a small amount for him. “If he wants anything he can pay upfront. If not, he can fuck off.” He started weighing out grams and scooping them into the bags, making separate piles of ten for each of the boys. He didn’t bother with the cardboard wraps when he was doing it on his own. Each boy took several bags each and left without saying much else.

After sitting in the silence for a little while, Jase rolled a joint and turned the Xbox on. Sam joined him shortly after.

“Where’s Janine?” Jase asked.

“Upstairs, playing around with her make-up. She might come down later. Is Madison coming down?” Jase shrugged,

“If she wants to when she eventually wakes up.”

“She still waved from the Xan?” Sam asked. Jase shook his head, finishing the game and swapping the controller for the rest of the joint.

“Nah, she was awake for a little while before I left.” Sam nodded slowly, sitting back.

“So, how you’re being towards her, is that still just part of your plan?” he asked casually. Jase took the joint from his lips, lighting it again.

“Yes, why?” Sam shrugged,

“Just wondering... didn’t expect you to go as far as to bottle a punter.”

“She’s smart,” Jase said, taking a long drag, “if I don’t do any dramatic stuff, she’ll see right through me.” Sam wasn’t so sure, but he let it slide. He was neither here nor there if it wasn’t just an act, Sam still got paid and Janine was relatively looked after. His concern was how it would look to other people. Not to mention that he knew first-hand what Jase would be getting himself into and it wasn’t easy.

“So, she’s definitely buying it?” he asked, Jase looked at him, his mind picturing Madison asleep on him that morning.

“She’s buying it.”

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