The Cunning (Book 1/2)

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The girls were sent upstairs when the runners came back with the money.

“Oliver tried messaging me,” Harvey said. Jase had predicted he would be the one to get a message. With Harvey being the youngest at eighteen, Oliver would expect him to be easier to convince.

“I hope you told him to piss off,” Jase mumbled, eyes still glued to the television screen.

“Of course I did. Can’t see how someone can be so hooked on coke and have a kid. You’d think they’d sort their priorities out.” Jase twitched his brows but said nothing. It wasn’t like he could sit there and disagree. Even he found it repulsive when parents used whilst watching their children, though, his was on a personal level. He knew the toll it took on a kid’s upbringing.

It wasn’t until late when the boys left and he turned the Xbox off that he was re-joined by Sam.

“You alright to sit up and wait for Tia’s last customer?” Jase asked, running his fingers through his curls. Sam nodded, dropping down on the sofa, his legs outstretched. Jase wasn’t a fan of late-night customers. They were always the shadiest and he wasn’t in the mood to be dealing with them.

“Yeah. What time is he coming?” Sam asked.

“In about an hour or two, if he isn’t here by two then lock up and don’t worry about it. He can come round some other time,” Jase spoke as he walked out into the kitchen, making a tea for Madison and grabbing a beer for himself.

She was asleep when he went into the room.

He placed the drinks down on the bedside cabinet and took his top off before sitting up beside her as she slept. The night was slowly becoming Jase’s favourite part of the day. The part where he could relax within the four walls and not have to deal with any of the commotion going on outside of them.

He was playing a game on his phone when Madison reached over in her sleep, patting the space between them. She pouted when she couldn’t feel him. For a second, he just watched her curiously. Then he reached out, brushing his fingers over hers to make her aware of his presence.

Her eyes opened and she looked up at him.

Neither of them spoke.

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