The Cunning (Book 1/2)

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A few hours after Janine had left, Jase walked in. He was in a menacing mood, cocaine spurring his antagonising behaviour. Madison was laid out on the bed.

“You had better get used to having men touch you up,” he said, taking a sip of his beer.

“Fuck you,” Madison replied, already bored of him trying to rile her up. He raised his brows, smiling.

“Are you sure about that? Remember who you’re talking to.” She rolled over, lifting her head up.

“I hate you.” Jase gave her a fake pout.

“Don’t be like that. I thought we had something special. You haven’t forgotten falling asleep cuddled up with me so quickly, have you?” He sat down at the bottom of the bed, tucking her hair behind her ear. “Remember when we spoke about our childhood?” She pulled her face away from his hand, and he grabbed her chin, squeezing her cheeks just like Adam had at her first showing. There was a devilish glint in his eyes.

She knew he was enjoying this, tormenting her and making her feel weak.

“I hope now your little facade has fallen apart you realise exactly who you’re dealing with. I also hope you’re aware that no matter what you try, you aren’t getting out of here. You’ll be washed up and lifeless like the rest of them soon.” Madison glared at him, his smirk making her angrier and angrier.

“Get off of me.” She sat up, batting his hand away. He didn’t bother reaching for her again, watching her through his lashes as he took another mouthful of his beer.

“There it is, the real you,” he said as she sat, burning holes into his soul. “Not so much a Bunny anymore. More like my little fireball.”

“I’m not your anything,” she spat back, standing up.

“Yes, you are,” Jase said, watching her as she opened the bedroom door, “you’re my little plaything.” She stopped. His words weighing down on her shoulders. Complete objectification causing her throat to burn and the anger threatening to bubble out of her. She wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of knowing he had really gotten to her with that single comment.

The metallic chink of the lock slotting into place echoed through the bathroom. It still smelled of floral shampoo from the girls’ showers. Madison leaned her back up against the door. Her body wouldn’t even let her cry anymore. She felt nothing.

Once more, her eyes were drawn to the razors.

Before she lost the nerve, she had grabbed one, snapping the head off and prying it out of the plastic. Her hands were shaking as she gritted her teeth and pressed it into her wrist, stopping abruptly when she caught a glimpse of her reflection.

Janine was right, he was getting such a kick out of this, out of tormenting her and making her squirm.

Her breathing deepened as the anger swelled.

She was angry that her mum didn’t care enough to report her missing. She was angry that her dad’s criminal lifestyle had ruined her childhood. She was angry that at seventeen years old, she had to get a job and help pay bills when she should have been out with friends. She was angry that her repulsive boss thought he could buy her. And she was boiling with rage that Jase and the others saw her and the rest of the girls as nothing but objects.

She glared at her reflection. The inner conflict tearing her apart as to whether it was time to give up or really get her hands dirty.

A door in the hallway closed; Gabby’s door. The sound of a man grunting followed shortly after, accompanied by the squeaking of a bed frame.

She had come this far; she wasn’t going to quit now.

Her eyes focused on her reflection again.

“Remember who the fuck you are, Madison.” Jase was beginning to show his true colours, she decided it was time she revealed her own.

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