The Cunning (Book 1/2)

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Janine and Sam were taking it in turns to do lines of coke at the table whilst Madison sat with her shoes up on the chair in front of her. The music was still loud, pulsing through her body as she sipped brandy from the bottle.

“I want to dance,” Janine said, standing up. Sam smiled at her, adoration in his eyes.

“Go dance then,” he said. Janine pouted.

“Come with?” He shook his head,

“I don’t dance.” She rolled her eyes and turned to Madison, holding her hands out.

“Madison, come dance with me.” Madison looked around. They could barely move in the living room, sweaty bodies rubbing up against each other, grinding ferociously. It wasn’t exactly something she wanted to partake in. Through the crowd, she spotted Jase watching her. He raised his glass to his lips, not breaking eye contact. She wasn’t sure if it was the alcohol or this newly discovered side of her identity but she found herself enjoying the way he watched her. As if he could taste her with his eyes. She looked back to Janine who was still waiting. Madison sighed, allowing herself to smile and be dragged to the middle of the room, brandy bottle in hand.

Jase had joined Sam, sitting side on to the coffee table that Janine and Madison were now stood on top of. He was slouched in the wooden chair with a cigarette between his lips as he racked up on his phone. But he wouldn’t take his eyes off of Madison for long. She swayed to the music, winding her hips and running her free hand through her hair, drinking with the other. She moved like a snake, which was rather fitting, he thought.

As Jase tipped his head back from another line, he caught someone he didn’t recognise placing their hands on Madison’s waist. He waited patiently to see how she’d react. Her hands travelled down from her neck, running all the way down her body, over her breasts, the bottom of her rib cage, stopping over the strangers’ hands and pushing them off. All without missing a beat.

Madison had a new darkness to her, a seductive mischief that he wasn’t opposed to seeing more of. It appeared that uncovering her sweet girl get up and unlocked a different layer.

The guy reached out for her again but was stopped by Kieran tapping him on the shoulder. Both Jase and Madison watched him lean into his friend’s ear before gesturing in Jase’s direction. The stranger’s eyes widened and he held his hands up in a silent apology. Jase acknowledged him with a nod and the guy backed away from the girls.

Madison smiled discreetly, revelling in the idea of being untouchable at the mere mention of Jase’s name. Janine had been right.

Come the early hours of the morning, the music had been turned down and there were only a few people dotted around, engrossed in drug-fuelled conversations. Janine was still slow dancing on the coffee table. Jase had gone through a gram of coke and his come down for the past four days was finally hitting him. He looked up from his phone at Madison who was sat beside him, her head in her arms, face down.

“Madison,” he said, she hummed in response, “go to bed.”

“I’m not tired,” she whined.

“I’m not asking.” With a huff, she slid her arms off of the hardwood, sitting up and flipping her hair over one shoulder. She rubbed her lips together, looking around the room and laughing softly at Janine, still going strong. “Now, Madison,” Jase repeated sternly. She rolled her eyes.

“I’m going.” He looked at her as she stood up and walked steadily to the living room door before stopping, holding onto the doorframe and looking back at him. “Are you coming?”

“Not right now.” He didn’t feel like dealing with Madison whilst on a comedown, it hardly put him in the most tolerating moods regardless of how amusing he found her. She shrugged and disappeared.

“What was that about? Why did that sound like she wanted you to go?” Sam asked, he had barely taken his eyes away from Janine the whole night. Only ever briefly to do another line. Jase just shook his head, looking back down to his phone.

“She’s drunk. That girl has worked her way through half a bottle of brandy, it’s a wonder she can still fucking walk,” he mumbled.

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