The Cunning (Book 1/2)

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Jase woke up the following morning with a message from Harvey telling him the registration for Mitch’s car. He messaged everyone to meet up and showered before heading downstairs. Madison was still out for the count. Adam, Harvey, Sam, Kieran and Tommy were all waiting in the living room.

“And you’re sure it’s his car?” Jase asked, sitting down at the table, scrolling through his phone to find the contact that would supply him with what he needed.

“Yeah, I watched him get in it,” Harvey replied. He was new to all of this, a young boy trying to get his hands dirty and make a footprint in their world. Jase looked at him.

“That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s his car.”

“It is, I’ve seen him in it a few times now. I wouldn’t tell you if I wasn’t certain,” he assured. Jase hummed. His phone dinged with a reply.

“Adam, you’re picking it up. Kieran, you’re installing it. Harvey, you keep a lookout, I’m not putting you in the firing line just yet-”

“Why not? Come on Jase. I can handle this.” Everyone sat still. Questioning Jase’s decisions was unheard of and the atmosphere shifted. Jase looked at him. He pursed his lips before rolling his eyes.

“If you want more responsibility, check for CCTV, cut it out. Tommy, you can be on watch instead, you don’t leave the site until McKinney is in the car and it’s in flames.”

“What are we doing?” Sam asked.

“I’m going to let Ramon know what’s going on, get him to secure an alibi for himself then we’re staying here until it’s done.” Jase replied. That was usually how it went. If it was a solo kill, Jase was the one to get his hands dirty and Sam would aid in disposing of any bodies but they’d done their time running around securing car bombs when they were Harvey’s age.

The day ran smooth with everyone doing their part and Jase receiving a message from Harvey once it started getting dark. McKinney and a few of his friends were at a warehouse with no working cameras and storage containers surrounding the area. It was almost too perfect an opportunity to miss.

“Tommy you’re going to need to be there when Kieran is fitting the bomb. I don’t trust Harvey not to bolt if it gets too much for him. If Mitch comes out too soon and Kieran hasn’t finished, shoot at him.”

“Why don’t we just shoot him?” Tommy asked. Jase shook his head.

“It’s about making a point. Any of us could get shot the second we stepped out of cover. I want everyone he involves himself with to be shitting themselves about getting in their cars as well,” he replied. Tommy smirked.

“You’re the boss.”

“How long do you reckon it will take you to fit it?” Jase turned to Kieran who shrugged.

“About ten minutes with his model, shouldn’t be too long at all. It’s piss,” he said. If Jase didn’t know Kieran like he did, he’d assume he was far too soft for the job but Kieran had a talent in anything scientific. Explosives, computers, everything like that was a sixth sense to him. The man was somewhat of a genius.

When Adam returned, Kieran left with Tommy to head to the warehouse. Jase took food up to the girls, mostly to distract himself from everything. Madison was just waking up from a nap.

“Is there anything happening today?” she asked. Jase shook his head.

“Not for you,” he replied.

“Can I have a shower?” He rolled his shoulders, sitting down on his side of the bed.

“Go ahead.”

He was laid down when she came back in her towel, he watched her walk over to the wardrobe and open the doors, her back to him.

“What were you and Janine talking about last night?” he asked.

“I can’t remember,” Madison replied absently, “I was high.” She wasn’t completely lying, there were blank spaces in her mind, she noticed it happened every time she smoked. She knew what was going on at the time but it wasn’t a stored memory. Jase seemed to be aware of this because he didn’t question her. She reached up to the two boxes on the shelf in the wardrobe, plucking out a pair of red lace underwear and pulling them on under her towel. “You seem stressed,” she said, letting her towel drop. Jase raised his brows slightly. She had her back to him but it hardly left a lot to his imagination. As much time as they’d spent together, Madison had never been this close to naked in front of him.

“There are some things happening today, if it goes wrong it’s bad news,” he replied, staring at her body. She looked over her shoulder.

“You want to smoke? Take your mind off things?” Jase met her eyes and collected himself when she slipped one of his t-shirts on.

“As much as I would love to stay in this room and get waved, no. I have to be alert in case shit does go south.” She shrugged, closing the wardrobe doors and trying to mask the buzz she got from how he had looked at her.

“Fair enough, you’ve got work to do, I get it.” She walked over to him, and he tilted his head at her as she took a cigarette from the packet on his bedside cabinet, lighting it without breaking eye contact. Jase didn’t move when she climbed over him, following her with his eyes. “What kind of work is it?”

“You know I can’t discuss that with you,” he mumbled, taking a cigarette for himself. Madison hummed. It was worth a shot. Jase looked down at her, reaching over and brushing her wet hair behind her ear. “There’s another party tomorrow night,” he said. His voice was low and soft. Madison shifted her hips, thinking that if a voice could be touched, she would want to caress his. “Are you going to wear something nice for me again?” She smiled, bringing the cigarette to her lips.

“So long as you make sure everyone keeps their hands off.” Jase breathed out a small laugh. He stood up, walking towards the door. “Where are you going?”

“Downstairs,” he replied without looking back. The last thing he needed was to be distracted by her right now.


Hello everyone! We're quite far in now so if any of you fancied writing a (five star) review then feel more than welcome, I think you've all read enough of my writing now to decide whether you like it or not and if the grammar is good enough. Obviously, don't feel like you have to because some of you may want to wait until the end ;) also, I love a good theory so let me know what you THINK is going to happen in the comments below. I won't let you know if you're right or wrong because I wouldn't want to spoil anything but I like to see what goes on in your heads in terms of the direction this is heading. Anyway, thank you all so much for reading and your lovely comments, they make my day! I hope you continue to enjoy my work :)

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