The Cunning (Book 1/2)

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Jase was half cut when Madison made an appearance with Janine in the living room. He’d just started to slow down, swapping the brandy for beers. He intended on keeping his word to make sure that no one touched her and he needed to be relatively sober for that. But the cocaine was still being snorted in generous amounts. He had a line ready for her when she came over.

“Did you want to sit down?” Kieran asked, already half standing up from the chair besides Jase.

“She’s alright mate, she can sit with me,” Jase replied, pulling Madison down onto his lap by her hand and lacing an arm around her waist. He handed her the rolled-up note.

“Do you ever run out of this stuff?” she laughed, rather merry herself after Janine had shared half a bottle of vodka with her whilst they were getting ready. Jase smiled.

“Bunny, I’m a drug dealer, remember? I have copious amounts of cocaine. As much as your little heart could desire.” She rolled her eyes and Jase held her hair back whilst she inhaled the little line that had been delicately arranged on his phone screen. “I like this,” Jase said, running his hand up her side and plucking the shoulder of the one-piece she was wearing.

“It’s Janine’s. Cute, isn’t it?” Madison replied, tilting her head forward again and shivering. Jase smiled at her, finding her more adorable with every passing moment.

“You’ll have to ask her where it’s from, I’ll get you one.” She looked at him, leaning over to pick up the empty tumbler glass he’d been using and half-filling it with the brandy he’d left out.

“You’ll get me one?”

“You can’t just wear my t-shirts all the time,” he replied, his eyes flickering down to her cleavage as he took a sip from his beer. She turned her attention to Janine, trying to force down the heat that rose within her whenever he looked at her like that.

“Where did you get this from?” she asked. Janine’s brows furrowed in confusion, “the bodysuit?” Madison elaborated.

“Oh, online somewhere. Babe, where’s that top from?” she asked Sam who scrunched his face up.

“Fucked if I know,” he replied. Janine rolled her eyes. Jase chuckled, tapping Madison’s thigh to get her attention.

“It’s fine, I’ll find it.” Madison did a few more lines over the course of an hour and a half before one of the party-goers approached them.

“Jase, you got any gear?” he asked. Jase nodded, looking at Madison.

“Under that armchair, there’s a box, can you grab it for me?” he asked. She pushed through the people that were dancing, retrieving said box and waiting for Jase to get his keys from his pocket before sitting back down.

“What’s in there?” she asked curiously, he gave her a half-smile.

“Drugs.” Madison watched with curiosity and fascination as he opened the box, revealing its contents. There were at least fifty small dodgy bags full of cocaine. He took one out and handed it to the guy who gave him three twenties which Jase chucked on top of the cocaine and closed the box again.

“Did he just give you £60 for that one bag?” Madison asked, her eyes widened. Jase laughed at her innocence.

“Drugs are expensive.”

“Why do people do them then?” He moved her closer to him, so he could slouch down a bit more, keeping his arm around her waist.

“Why do you do them?” he asked. Madison shrugged,

“They’re fun, I guess.”

“Well then.” She tilted her head.

“So how much did he just buy?” Jase picked up his cigarettes, holding the box open so Madison could take one as well, he lit it for her as he spoke.

“An 8-ball.” She raised her brows in question, and he laughed again. “3.5 grams.”

“And how long will that last him?” she asked, finding it all rather interesting, Jase shrugged, poking his tongue in his cheek and shaking his head.

“Depends if he rails it and if he’s sharing or not but he’ll buy another bag before the end of the night, they always do.” Madison remained on his lap as he sold bag after bag. The money in the box was mounting up to well over £500. Everyone in the house was vibrating. Janine tapped Madison on the shoulder and pointed to the middle of the room.

“Coming to dance?” she asked. Madison shrugged, getting up and allowing Janine to grab her hand, leading her straight to the coffee table. The music was upbeat, matching Madison’s energy as she and Janine began to dance with each other. Every now and then, she’d look over to Jase. He was sat with his arms folded, talking to Sam. Madison was beginning to find everything about him enticing, from the way he sat to the way his biceps stretched the material on his t-shirts and how casual he was with his very illegal activities. He screamed danger and she enjoyed every bit of it.

After a few songs, someone rushed in from the kitchen and over to Jase whose head snapped round, ready for whatever drama was unfolding. Madison continued to dance as she watched them. Jase rolled his eyes, getting to his feet after Sam and making his way to the door. She brushed his shoulder as he walked past.

“What’s happened?”

“Someone’s had a bit too much. Stay in here, I’ll be back in a minute,” he reassured, placing his hand on her hip briefly to steady her as she leaned in to listen. She shrugged and left him to follow the other two men as she continued dancing. Once the song finished and faded into the next one, Jase and the others came back in laughing. Her eyes were immediately drawn to his cut knuckles and she wondered what state the other guy was left in.

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