The Cunning (Book 1/2)

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Madison opened her eyes slowly when she heard the bedroom door click shut. Jase was trying his best to be quiet. He stripped down to his boxers, opening the wardrobe and pulling on his standard grey sweats before he turned around and saw her staring at him.

“Why are you awake?” he asked.

“You woke me,” she whispered.

“Sorry.” She studied his face, there was something different about him.

“Where have you been?” Jase shook his head.

“Don’t worry about it.” Madison pushed the duvet back, standing up and narrowing her eyes.

“What are you doing?” he asked, sitting down to her side on the edge of the bed.

“You killed someone tonight, didn’t you?” She folded her arms. He looked at her, laughing nervously which was something he was unfamiliar with as he looked down at the floor.

“How do you know that?” She placed her hand gently under his chin, lifting his face so he was looking at her.

“You’ve got that look in your eyes,” she said, as if he were so easy to read. He didn’t say anything and she tilted her head. “Who did you kill Jase?”

Jase’s heart was thumping. It was all well and good keeping everything to himself, even telling Sam wasn’t that big of a deal because he’d understand, but admitting everything to Madison? That was a whole different kettle of fish. That would give her the power she hadn’t given herself, and he wasn’t sure it was the smartest move. Having her know just how far he was willing to go for her…

“Peter,” he replied. She broke eye contact, looking away and licking her lips.

“How did you kill him?” her voice was almost too soft and innocent considering the subject matter being discussed.

“I shot him,” Jase replied honestly. Madison looked back at him,

“Did he beg?” she moved a curl away from his eye. Jase nodded as he brushed his hands up the outer sides of her bare thighs, pulling her closer to him. She put a knee either side of his legs, looking down at him as she straddled his lap with her fingers in the back of his hair.

“Yes, he begged.” Her lips curved subtly and her voice lowered more.

“Did he cry?” Jase nodded again and her smile widened a tiny bit more as she cocked her head at him, his hands gliding up to hold her waist under his t-shirt. “Why did you do it, Jase?” His movements were slow and measured as he pulled her down so she was eye level with him, their hips pressed together.

“For you,” he whispered, a smile forming on his own lips. Madison laughed, tipping her head back and Jase knew that she was no longer the victim in their dynamic. He’d met his match.

“You’re so cold,” Madison shuddered, her voice laced with playfulness as if Jase had merely played a prank on someone.

“I can be,” he replied. Her laughter subsided and the tension between them grew even more before she finally met his lips, sighing into him. His tongue begged for entree which she granted, reciprocating with just as much need and hunger as him. Without missing a beat, Jase lifted her, laying her on the bed beneath him. Her legs wrapped around his middle, drawing him in. Her fingers exploring his upper body, caressing every dip and muscle. They broke away and Jase helped her pull the t-shirt off before reaching behind her as she arched her back, squeezing the clasp on her bra and allowing it to snap open in one smooth motion.

With her legs, she held him close to her, closing every possible gap between them that she could. Her nails dragged up the skin on his back and she lifted her hips towards him in desperation. His lips met every inch of her body with soft damp kisses, down to the waistband of her underwear, from hip bone to hip bone. Then he went back up, between her breasts and to her lips. She tugged his joggers and slid her hand inside. Jase groaned, pressing himself into her cold palm and feeling her smile against his mouth.

The pair of them were dying to remove the flimsy fabrics that separated them. But Jase wouldn’t allow that to happen just yet. His hands grew eager, one travelling down to the silky material of her underwear and tracing over the top, her wetness had already soaked through. Keeping himself in line at this moment had proven to be more of a challenge than anything he’d had to do in the house.

“Will it hurt?” Madison murmured through kisses. Jase smiled softly, kissing along her jawline before nibbling her earlobe and whispering;

“I’ll be gentle.”

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