The Cunning (Book 1/2)

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The crack of the whisky bottle seal being broken sounded throughout Mitch’s kitchen. He poured himself a large double, leaving the bottle open on the side as he took a mouthful. The peace was disturbed by a knock on the front door. Brows furrowed, he put the crystal glass down, checking the spy hole before he pulled the door open.

“How’d it go?” he asked.

“He’s crumbling, he won’t let anyone touch her, no matter what she does,” Adam smiled. Mitch nodded, satisfied.

“Perfect, I’m sure we can come to some sort of agreement. There were witnesses, seeing him take her side?”

“There’s always witnesses. It’s common knowledge how Jase feels about her.” Mitch grinned; this couldn’t have played out more perfectly. He stepped aside, letting Adam in.

“And Madison, has she said anything?” he asked. Adam shook his head, closing the door behind him.

“No, she won’t talk and he won’t make her. Not while she’s in that mess. He treats her like she’s fragile,” he grimaced. Mitch snorted,

“Madison is anything but fragile, believe me. If she has him wrapped around her finger, it was intentional. I have faith in her to pull through with exactly what we want her to do.”

“Which is?”

“Well it’s simple really, she’ll be shitting herself about the thought of us coming after her, Jase will look to console the dear little lamb and he’ll hand everything over to me. Or, better yet, he gives me Madison after balking under the pressure from everyone.” Mitch replied confidently. Adam’s brows furrowed.

“And then what? You work with him?” Mitch scoffed,

“Of course not. Once he shows how weak he really is and how easy it is to turn him into a lovesick puppy, the streets will take care of him. Jase has done plenty of bad things over the years. People want to settle debts. And Madison is more collateral damage from my point of view, she’s just the bait.”


Adam rolled over in Mitch’s bed as Mitch sat naked on the side, his phone in his hands.

“Who told you about Madison being in the house anyway?” Adam asked, reaching for the cigarettes on the nightstand and lighting one. He took a long drag.

“Harvey. That Chelsea grin taught him fuck all. She should have just let Jase kill him. He was dead weight.”

“Was?” Adam questioned, Mitch looked over his shoulder, giving a menacing smile.

“Of course. I don’t keep people that talk around. He’s currently at the bottom of the Thames. Just goes to show how much of a little bitch Jase really is turning into for Madison, imagine letting someone go that talks.” Adam tilted his head, blowing smoke out to the side.

“Well what about me? I turned my back on that lot and gave you information.” Mitch softened, leaning over and taking the cigarette from him, staying close to his face.

“The difference is, I wasn’t fucking Harvey.”

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