Our Only Promise

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Meet Kazumi Wilsons and Justin Henderson. Justin accepted Kazumi's promise for them, but will Justin be able to keep this promise?

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Chapter 1 - The First Day Of School

Hello, I'm Kazumi Wilsons and I'm 12 years old! I live on Toronto, Canada and I educate in Hynexical Integrated High School. I just graduated from elementary school with my best friends. Millie Anderson is my best friend whom I most likely hangout with. Michael Perez and Jason Anderson are my best friends whom I play sports with. As you can see, Millie and Jason are siblings. Lastly, Justin Henderson is my best friend whom I can rely my secrets and feelings. He is one of the most trusted person I can rely on! Well, let's start the story!

One day, Kazumi and Justin were traveling to school. They were very excited to meet their friends. When they arrived, they first saw Michael. Michael is always early on school, since his house is in a very far place. When they were walking in the halls, they heard some arguments. Surprisingly, it was Millie and Jason arguing in how to find their friends. When Kazumi and the others showed up, Millie and Jason stopped arguing. Kazumi laughed. "You two always end the day with an argument, don't you?" They all laughed. Jason replied, "Well, it isn't my fault that Millie wants to find you guys." "Hey! They're our friends, Jason!" Millie exclaimed. Michael said, "Stop fighting now, you aren't home. Do you even see people staring at you?" Millie and Jason paused while being embarrassed. "Let's just go to class now." Justin said smiling. School ended. While they were going home, Justin saw some guys having fun. They were very cool. Justin thought of being like them, but he can't break his promise to Kazumi. When Justin got home, being like those guys is what he could think. He thought of it, until he go to sleep. Morning has approached again. He woke up, thinking that he should be like them. So, he made up that decision. He went to school. "Hey Justin!" Kazumi exclaimed. But Justin didn't even bother talking to her. This made Kazumi sad. She said to herself, "Maybe he is just having problems again, or maybe he has hit puberty hard." On recess, Kazumi and her friends tried talking to Justin. "Hey, apple boy, are you ok?" asked Millie. Justin replied, "Can you stop calling me with that nickname!" He was very mad. "Dude, are you hitting puberty hard? Tell us if something is wrong." Michael said. "There's nothing wrong, just leave me alone!" Justin exclaimed. Jason said, "He must be mad about something..." "I think so, too, he always said his problems with us." Kazumi replied. When they entered the door of their class. They saw Justin hanging out with the cool guys, also known as the bullies. "Isn't that Justin? Why is he with Marc and Tristan?" Millie asked. "Don't tell me that he ditched us for popularity." Michael said. Kazumi answered, "Well, I think he just did..." They all paused. As they sit down, Jason stared at Justin. "He definitely ditched us..." he said. School ended. Justin ignored his friends the whole day. When Kazumi got home. She ran to her room and locked the door. She cried very hard. She said, "How could he ditch us, he broke our promise..." The promise was to not change the attitude he had, because Kazumi is scared that Justin might be influenced. As you can see, Justin could be easily influenced. Kazumi cried that she lost the only friend that she can rely on. She always wear the friendship bracelet that Justin gave her. Would they be still friends?

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