Into the Darkness

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17-year old Rebecca finds herself trapped in a human trafficking ring after a high school graduation trip with friends goes wrong. Bouncing from place to place, state to state, country to country, Rebecca and her friends must find a way out this lifestyle before it is to late. Will they find hope or will the darkness of this industry consume them.

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Chapter 1

It’s finally here... Graduation month. Most of the kids in my school were looking forward to prom, graduation parties or just getting drunk and random hook-ups. I had different plans. College has always been on my mind since freshman year, so I applied to USF that same year. “Hey Rebecca”. I hear from downstairs. “You have a letter from USF down here. Do you want me to open it”? I race downstairs and snatch the letter from my brother’s hand. My heart is racing, palm is sweating, dreading the answer that I might receive when I open this letter. “Are you going to open it already, Damn”? My brother, Jason asked me. “Give me a minute”.

Ms. Jones

University of South Florida is proud to announce that you have be accepted as the newest member of the USF family. We are looking forward to having you on campus this upcoming semester. We will be sending a welcome package in the next 2-3 business days. Once again welcome to the USF family.

“I did it... I really did it”. Those were the only words that could come out of my mouth. I have busy my ass off for the past four years and finally all that hard work paid off. “This calls for a celebration”. Jason yells throughout the house. “Your damn right”. I yell back at him.

May 1, 2020 18:25

I call up two of my best friends, Gloria, 18 and Susan, 17, and tell them the great news that I received earlier that afternoon. “I’m so proud of you, Becca”. Gloria said. “Same here, Becca”. Susan said. Jason planned out a nice evening for us at a 5 star restaurant in downtown Tampa. Sharing this moment of laughter with my brother and best friends was the perfect way to end the night.

May 3 10:00

Today is the last day of school and everyone in this damn school is losing their shit. Teacher’s cars are being tagged, toilet paper is being thrown throughout the halls and school yard. “So this is what our senior year has come to”? I told Susan with a smile on my face. “I guess so”. She said with a smile on her face. “So a group of us are going down to Cuba for the weekend. You in”? Susan asked. “I don’t know”. I told her. “Pleasse. There are going to be a ton of hot guys there. Your going to have so much fun”. She says with her sad, ocean blue eyes and puppy dog face. “Okay... Okay” I said rolling my eyes. “Okay, then. Now let’s ditch our last couple of classes. Start this party of right”. Susan says as she graps my arm inside her arm. “Okay... let’s”. As we make our way down the hall we hear a loud bang coming from one of the classrooms. We take a peek inside to see our beloved Gloria riding our English teacher’s dick. “Get it, girl”. Susan yells in the classroom before running off down the hall.

A couple minutes later we hear Gloria coming down the hall. “Hey bitches” Gloria yells out. “Hey girl... umm... you have a little something on the side of your lip and in your hair”. As Gloria goes to pull out her mirror, we begin to laugh. Gloria licks the cum off her lips and wipes it off her hair before licking it off her finger. “Yummy” Gloria says while sucking her lips and fingers. All we could do is laugh as we exit the school to head to our cars.

“Make sure your all packed for this weekend, you guys”. Susan tells us. “Okay”. We both say.

“Alright. Byeeeee”

After saying our goodbye, we leave campus and head to our homes to pack for our last Big Bang before graduation.

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