Into the Darkness

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Chapter 2

May 4 06:00

“Let’s go, Becca”. Gloria yells from the outside of the car. “Be safe, Sis”. Jason says before opening the door. I gave Jason a big hug before walking out to the car. “I’ll call you when I get to the the airport. 4 hours later we finally made it to the airport. Sadly my phone died so I couldn’t call Jason to let him know that we made it. “Can’t believe we have to wear these stupid masks”? Gloria says while putting her mask own. “Hey, if you want to catch that Rona... go right ahead”. Susan said a while putting her mask on as well. We said our goodbyes to Susan’s mom and thanked her for the ride and entered the airport.


“Welcome was to flight 103 to Cuba. We will now began boarding”. The flight attendant said over the intercom. “Now boarding all military personnel and platinum members... now boarding sections 1 and 2”. “Well that’s us, girls”. Said Susan. We began making our way towards the gate. As we make our way down the aisle three men make eye contact with us and smiled. Me being shy I smiled and turned away like a little school gir that you would see and some anime. We take our seats and wait for the plane to take off. “Gurrl... they were fine as hell”. Gloria says to me will nudging me. “They were alright”. “Well, I’m going to make this trip fun”. Gloria tells me as she gets up and head towards the bathroom. “Seriously, Gloria” I ask her. As she makes her way towards the back of the plane to the bathroom she gives one of the guys that she made eye contact with her panties. The guy follows her to the bathroom and that is the last I see of her for the next 15 minutes. She makes her way back to the seat right before the pilot came over the intercom.

“Ladies and gentlemen this is your captain speaking. Just want to take out the time to welcome you aboard flight 103 to Cuba. Our estimated flight time will be 57 minutes. Once again welcome”. “You guys ready for this wild, non-stop party”? Gloria says. “Hell yeah”. Susan says while fist bumping Gloria. “You guys, please no ho-ish moves, okay”? I tell both of them. “No promise”. Gloria winks. The planes starts to move towards the take off point. Five minutes later we are up in the air. “Cuba here we come”! We all yelled.


Finally made it to our room. Taking in the scenery of the beautiful island. “Beautiful light blue ocean, palm trees, white sandy beach... this is Paradise”. Susan says as she stares out the window. We unpacked and put on our bathing suits and head to the pool for happy hour. “Damn, there are a lot of cuties here, Becca”. Susan says as she scans the pool from the bar. “True”. I replied. Three guys approach us at the bar. “Hola, mami”. One of the guys said. As we turn and look at the three. We notice that it were the three guys from the plane. “My name is Juan. This is David and Jose”. “I’m Rebecca. This is Susan and ...”. “Gloria. We met”. Juan said with a smile on his face. Gloria smiles back at Juan. All I could do was shake my head. First it was our English teacher and now this random guy on the plane... who’s next. “Ho”. I said under my breath. “I’ll be that ho”. Gloria said loudly as she twerks.

“If you want we can show you around the city”. Said David. “That would be quite nice”. Said Susan, blushing a bit. “I don’t know, guys. We just met them”. I tell them. “Loosen up, Becca... damn”. I take Gloria advice and loosen up a bit. We’re knocking back shots after shots. The music is blasting. We are having a blast. So Gloria invites Juan back to the room so of course the other two tag along. Gloria and Juan head to the back room while the four of us just hang and watch so TV. We can hear the banging of the headboard and Gloria moaning over the TV, so we all begin to laugh. “Well someone is going to sleep good tonight”. Said Jose. As the night comes to a close we exchange numbers and the guys head out. “You feel better about yourself”? I look at Gloria with the meanest look. “Your just mad cuz you didn’t get any”. Gloria says as she walk back to her room. Pissed. I just go to my room and call it a night.

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