Into the Darkness

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Chapter 3

May 6 10:00

Yesterday was the best time I’ve had in a while. The guys took us around the city. Clubbing, local street vendor, bar hopping. Not to mention that Jose and I were getting pretty close as well. Jose and the others stayed over last night. Gloria seems to be calming down now that she meet Juan. Tonight is our last night here so the guys are taking us out to a popular local night.

“Good morning, beautiful”. Jose tells me while running his hands through my hair. “How did you sleep”? “I slept wonderful... now that I’m with you”. I said with a smile on my face. “We have to go but we will be back later tonight around 8pm”. Said Juan. The boys left and now it was only us three. “Can’t believe tonight is our last night together like this”. Said Susan. “You’ll be a USF, I would be at NYU and Gloria going to be pregnant if she keep it up”. “Fuck you both. Y’all have been on my case this whole time. If I want to spread my legs for every guy I met that is my business not yours”. Gloria storms out of the room and down the hall. “Just give her some time”. I tell Susan. “Yeah”.


Gloria finally comes walking back into the hotel room and walks straight into her room to get dress for tonight’s event. We didn’t want to make matters worse then it all ready is so we just stayed to ourselves.


We hear a knock on the door. “Are you guys ready”? Said Juan. Gloria ran up to Juan and jumped into his arms and gave him a kiss. “Yes, daddy” she says. “Why are your lips sticky”? Juan asked Gloria. Susan and I both looked at each other, knowing why. “It’s lipgloss, daddy”. Said Gloria. “Okay”. We head to the club. Music is bumping, there is a lot of people dancing. We head over to the bar and it was over from there. Shot after shot after shot to the point my head began to pound. A couple minutes in I began to feel a bit funny. I look over to see Susan and Gloria being carried out over two guys shoulders. I turn behind me to see Jose looking at me. “I’m sorry, Becca. I really am”. The next thing I know a sack is being put over my head.

This ride which felt like forever finally came to a stop. We are transferred into a semi-truck and the sacks come off. What I witnessed will make your heart break. Chained to the wall are young women at lease 16-30. No shoes, a tee shirt and panties. A older gentleman entered the truck. “Welcome newcomers. My name is Mr. White and you ladies work for me now. I know some of you are scared but don’t worry we will take good care of you”. The truck door shuts and then begins to drive off. Not knowing where we are going I’m scared as hell. Pitch dark, the smell of urine and un-bathed bodies filled the truck. The truck stops and the door swings open. A man with a long beard said in a very sinister voice “Welcome ladies to your destination, enjoy”.

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