Into the Darkness

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Chapter 4

Don’t even know what time it is anymore. They took us to different parts of what seems to be a night club. I haven’t seen Gloria or Susan since the club. My room door open up and was escorted out to a large room by a man who was carrying a handgun. The room was filled with the girls that were on the truck. In the far left corner I spot Gloria and Susan.

“What is going on”? Gloria ask me. “I don’t know”. Multiple men began to come into the room. “I don’t like this” said Susan. Some of the guys are walking around looking at the women. Some of the guys are taking the females back to a different room. “I think this is a red light districted. “What do you mean”? Asked Gloria. “This is a sex trafficking ring”. “Oh shit”! Susan says as tears run down her face. One of the gentlemen approached me. He was overweight with one gold tooth. He smelled like boozed and cigarettes. He looked me up and down then asked me to turn around. He squeezed my butt and breast then slowly made his way down my pants. “She’s not wet enough”. He said to the owner of the club. He made his way towards Gloria and done the same thing. “I’ll take her”. Gloria began to scream and tried to get away. He grabbed her by the arm before she can get far and backhand her splitting her lip. “You know that’s going to cost you extra, right”? The owner said to the gentleman. “Fine”. He said. He took Gloria away and that was the last time I saw her that night. Susan and I survived the first night, praying we can make it through the next.

“Rise and shine, ladies. What a beautiful day to get fucked and make money. They first wave a customers should be arriving any minute”. Said a guy over the intercom. Once again we are leaded back out to the floor. We spot Gloria but she didn’t make eye contact with us. As the gentleman are picking their women for their morning pleasure we see the same guy from yesterday with the gold tooth eyeing Gloria again. “I have to do something”. I said under my breath. Then a idea came to me. One that I was not okay with but if it was to protect a friend I will. I began to play with myself. “What are you doing”? Susan asked. “Saving Gloria”. I walked you to the overweight guy, grabbed his hand and made him rub my vagina. “Is this wet enough”. I asked him. As he has rubbing my vagina, my skin began to crawl. “I’ll take her”. He said. I looked at Gloria and mouthed “it’s okay” as I followed him out.

I followed him to one of the rooms. The lighting was of a dark purple. He shut the door and began undressing. After he was finished he walked over to me and whispered in my ear “get undressed”. Even though he was very unattractive he was blessed in other places. I finish undressing when he approached me and threw me onto the bed. “You like what you see? Don’t ya, bitch”. The man said as he makes his way towards the bed. As he climbed on top of me I could smell the smoke from the cigarette he had when he first entered the room. “I hope your ready for this 12” pipe”. He said as he guides his penis towards my vagina. “Oh... your still a virgin. I’m about to fix that”. He said with a crooked smile. He shoves his penis right in my vagina without a care in the world. The pain that came right after was unbearable. “You like that shit, don’t you”. He keeps saying as he thrusts inside me. After 5 minutes, which felt like forever, he finally finished. He gets off the bed and cleans himself up and leaves. “Clean yourself up. You have another client”. A young man said as he threw a towel at me before closing the door. After the door close all I could do was curl up in a ball in cry. Something so valuable not just to me but to my future husband was just stripped from me and I will never get it back. I hear a knock on the door. I clean myself up, wipe the tears from my eyes and put up tough face and lay waiting for the next client.

The day is finally over and after taking on five clients today I just want to crawl under a rock and die. After getting some sleep in it was back to work. Working non-stop. Enduring pain after pain due to different sizes. It has been about a week since we arrived to this place. “Ladies...ladies...ladies. It’s that time again to pack up. Departure is in 30 minutes. Get your shit and hit the door”. A man said over the intercom. Making my way to the door I feel a pull on my shirt. “Becca”. A voice calls out. I turn around and see that it was Gloria and Susan. I give them both a hug. “Where are we going now”? Susan asked me. “I wish I knew, love”. I responded. “Alright ladies, loaded em’ up”. The man said. “Mr. White will meet you at the next location”. This was a very short trip this time. “Do you guys hear that”? Gloria asked. “Sounds like a plane”. Said Susan. “Everyone off and board the plane”. he man yelled. We board the plane and take off. The plane lands and we are escorted to a van. About an hour or so we arrived at our destination. The drive turned around to us. “Well ladies let me be the first to welcome you to Miami”. “Miami”. I tell myself. “This is our chance to escape” I tell the girls. We huddled together to form this plan. “We have a week before we leave to the next location”. I tell them. “We’re going home”.

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