Into the Darkness

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Chapter 5

It’s been 5 days since we arrived in Miami and it has got a bit easier. The soreness before and after sex has gone away, but still the depression is still there. Gloria is holding her own, while Susan is on her last breaking point. “Change of plans ladies. We will be leaving tonight at 11pm.” The man said in the grand room. “Get ready ladies... here comes the first wave. Enjoy”. After my first two clients the morning wave was over. The afternoon wave will be happening soon. “Alright, it’s time” I said in silent. I nodded at both Gloria and Susan. The plan consists of truly seducing the client and tying them down and making a escape. The second wave is come through the door. I get chosen and so does Susan, but Gloria is left on the floor. “Shit”. I said to myself. Susan looks at me with confusion in her eyes and I looked at Gloria. She nod her head and mouthed “it’s okay”.

As I get to the room I throw my client onto the bed and hopped on top of him and began to kiss and caress his body. As he laid there in euphoria I pulled out some fuzzy handcuffs and cuffed him to the bed. “Oh. You want to get kinky? I like that”. The man said. After he has handcuffed to the bed I blindfolded him and begin taking his pants off. I placed a condom on and began giving him oral. “Ohhh, baby. Just like that”. He said. “You going to cum for me, daddy”? I said in the most seductive way. I hated it to be honest. “Yes... here it comes”. After he came in the condom I took it off and placed another one on. “I’ll be right back to ride that thick dick of yours. Just let me get ready”. The shit I say to boost their ego... fucking sad. I put my clothes on and headed to the bathroom. I stuck my head out the window to look for Susan. Two minutes later I see Susan coming out the window. We ran to hug each other. “Thank God you made it”. I told Susan. “Same here”. “What are we going to do about Gloria”? Said Susan. “I don’t know, yet but we can’t stand here”. So we took off ducking and dodging throughout buildings due to the face that it is daylight. “We will wait till it’s dark to go back”. I said. “I hope that she stays safe till then”. Said Susan as she catches her breathe.

“How in the fuck did they escape”? Mr. White said. “I don’t know, boss”. One of the guys says. “Bring me that bitch, Gloria”. “Yes, sir”. “Not you, boy”. Mr. White said while push the young boy to the side. “You”! He point. “Yes, sir”. The boy asked. The door opens to Gloria’s room. When she turned around and her jaw dropped. “Juan”! She said as her voice began to crackle. “My boss wants to see you”. He said with this hurt look in his eyes. “Your boss”? She said confusion. She began to remember that night in the club. “It was you”. She said yell. “I’m sor...”. “FUCK YOU”! Gloria said. Juan walks up to her and picks her up. She fights and screams but it’s no use. “Gloria, nice to meet you”. Mr White says. “So where are your friends”? He said. “I don’t know, plus if I did I wouldn’t tell you anyways”. “We’ll see”. He said with a smile. “Bring the guys in”. He says. Eight guys walk in with nothing on. “I want you you guys to run a train on her till she tells us where they are... and Juan... your first”. He said as he laugh. “I can’t do it, sir”. Juan said with is head held low. “That’s to bad, son” White said. All of a sudden, a loud sound filled the room. Juan lifeless body is laying at my feet. A bullet wounded to the head. “Now, lets get this party”. White said while putting his gun away.

Gloria endure this humiliation and pain for a hour and even after all of that she still never gave up her friends. “Your a tough one I’ll give you that”. White said as he button up his pants. Mr. White took part in the event as well. “Take her back to her room”. He said as he walked out.

Undetected, Susan and I made our way back the the night club. “There’s the back door”. Susan pointed out. “Great. Here we go”. As we made our way inside the club we began to search every room. “Nothing” I said. “Hey, Becca. I think you need to see this”. Said Susan. Down the hall we see Gloria being carried naked into a room. The man that was carrying her stood outside the door. “What are we going to do now”. Susan asked. “Look”. I tell her. The guard phone goes off. Answering the call he began to walk our way. “Shit”! I said. “Shit... shit... shit”. “We got this”. Said Susan. There was a cord laying on the floor. Susan picks it up and gets in a ready position. “What are you doing”? I said panicking. The guy comes around the corner and spots me. Out of no where Susan jumps onto his back and wraps the cord around his neck and began choking him. His body goes limp after 30 seconds. “I killed him”. Susan said shaking. “It’s okay. You did what you had to do”. I tell her.

We make it to Gloria’s room where we find he in the bed crying. “Gloria”. We both said as we ran to her. “We got to go”. I said. Gloria go dress and we exit the room. “I have one thing to take care of. I’ll catch up”. Said Gloria. Gloria found a gun laying next the man that Susan kills and made her way to Mr. White office. There is laughter coming from the room. Gloria kicks the door in and began shooting up the room. Everyone in the room was dead beside Mr. White. “I have been waiting a while for this moment”. She says as she walks towards him. “Please... have mercy... forgive me”. He said pleading for his life. “Forgive...”. She laughs. “Ask Juan for forgiveness”. Point blank she pulls the trigger leaving brain matter on the back wall.

Gloria walks out covered in blood, emotionless face with lifeless eyes. “Gloria... are you okay”. Susan asked. “I’m tired”. She said before passing out. I asked the first person I seen to use his phone. I called my mother to pick us up. She was crying over the phone telling me that they set out a search party. But she was glad to hear my voice. I tell her where we are located and to honk three times when she gets here. Confused, but she agreed on the terms. Four hours later we here three honks. We carry Gloria to the car and drive off. “What happen”? My mom asked. “I really don’t want to talk about it, mom”. “Okay, hun”. For the the next four hours we drove in silent.

May 23 11:00

“Rebecca Jones...Susan Lionheart... Gloria Lopez”. The principal said over the microphone. We finally did it... high school is now in the past. It has been a little over two weeks since the adduced in Cuba. We all have been going to therapy to get over those times. I have been doing good for the most part. Susan made a good recovery. Gloria is still working through a lot because she had it the worst. Even though that trip was a nightmare, I did learn a lot. Learned to loosen up from time to time and that my girls are loyal to the end. “I’m truly going to miss them”. I said to myself, wipeing the tears from my eyes. “I love you, guys and I’m going to miss your both”. Said Susan. “Me too”. Said Gloria. “Same”. I said. We said our goodbyes and just like that we were off to write a brand new chapter in life.

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