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One day. One enemy. One kiss. One night. One love. And one mate who she can't help but love unconditionally. ********** *He caged me against the wall and moved his thigh to rest inbetween my legs, trapping me completely. "You are MINE!" He practically roars while glaring down at me through his mask as I'm left shaking like a leaf in fear mixed with a tinge of arousal*

Drama / Romance
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I sigh tiredly while stepping out of my classroom and into the crowded halls of Falcon High.

Everyone is practically running to get out of the school doors whereas I just shuffle slowly towards a quite corner so that I won't get knocked over by the stupid hulky jocks or tripped up by one of the wannabe Barbie's who like to make my life a misery.

Finally, after ten minutes the halls are clear and I make my way to my locker. Once I got everything I needed, I slamed my locker closed and started walking towards the front doors. I'm just about to turn the corner when I hear moans on the other side. I abruptly stop and lean my body against the wall behind me. I then give myself a pep talk so that I can just go around the corner and go straight through the front doors that where only about 15 feet away.

Okay Hope you can do this, it's not like you've never seen a couple making out before and your not a baby.

With my resolve strengthened I hesitantly turn the corner but immediately stop dead in my tracks as the sight before me causes me to let out a quiet pitiful whimper in despair.

There right in front of me is none other than the boy I foolishly let steal my heart.

He's kissing Eliza feverishly while keeping her caged in his arms against the lockers. She moans loudly while he groans as she tugs at his short black curly locks.

A salty tear trails down my face followed by another and another until I'm silently sobbing. They are so caught up in each other, they don't even notice me pitifully standing there.

With one last look at them I quickly turn back around and run towards the back doors leaving the sound of their heavy breathing and moans behind. It's only when I crash through the back exit and collapse into a slumped position on the cold ground do I finally let my uncontrollable sobs break free.

I know I should have expected something like that. He is a playboy after all. Why am I even crying? I have no claim on him, not now and not ever.

Why her though? Why is it never me? Am I really not good enough? Not pretty enough? Not even thin enough? I'm nothing like Eliza and sadly I guess Eliza is his type.

I shake my head back and forth to try to banish all these depressing thoughts. I can't think this way, even though he may not like me now maybe he will in the future. Who knows? Although I certainly don't believe that right now.

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