Despite What I Said

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Chapter 2

I quickly enter the library and take a comfy spot around the corner, out of the librarians’ sight. Yes, there’s two of them. Ms Carla and Ms Eleanor, the married couple whose apparent dreams are to run a school library together and retire amidst stacks and stacks of literature. Ms Carla’s strict and has bouncy greyish curls, thick rectangular framed glasses and a resting frown, while her wife has straighter hair, and more welcoming eyes, not to mention a more comforting smile. Thankfully those two are always reading, as I spot ‘Little Women’ and ‘Pride and Prejudice’ respectively. Just some old classics.

I put my pencil case next to me to make it look convincing, lift my textbook to make it stand to ensure that it’s covering my face and my phone and I punch in ‘Elle’ in the Instagram search bar. I don’t remember her last name, but I know roughly what she looks like. I scan the profile pictures and finally find a dark haired, tanned girl with her hair in space buns, what Elle kind of looks like.


Her bio is ‘tarr 9’, followed by a private account that she tagged, mentioning ‘will only add if close ;)’ Great?

I request to follow her and my finger hovers around the ‘send message’ button for a second.

Do I message her? Is that too obvious and direct? Maybe I can-

I hear someone dumb their bag next to me and peer over my shoulder. Ah yes, if I can feel the judgement staring behind me, then it’s probably Kai. I turn around to face him. But it’s not. Instead, it’s just some guy with hazel eyes and a varsity jacket looking at my textbook.

“Hey, man, not trying to be intrusive or question your study methods, but I’m pretty sure your book’s upside down.”

Whoops. Well that’s stupid.

I swiftly flip my book the other way around. “Haha. Sorry. I’m pretty dumb.”

“’Sall good bro. But I actually just noticed that as a side tangent-I was going to ask about your pencil case. It’s really, um, nice? May I take a look at its contents?

I stare at the galaxy-gold pencil case and hand it to him. Okay? Why does this dude want to see my pencil case?

He takes it and looks at the pens and other stationary I have. “These are dope. Whered’ya get them from?”

“I got it from that stationary shop on the second floor at West Parade....Okay, look-I’m sorry for asking, but it’s not everyday a jock comes up to me and asks about my pencil case, why?”

His expression changes slightly and he hesitates a bit. “I-um, it’s for my....sibling. And did you just call me a jock?”

I shake my head and laugh. “Yea, sorry, that was stupid. It’s a dumb high school stereotype. You just, like sports and are good at it I guess? And you’re good enough to have your name and ‘special number’ printed in multiple sports attires.”

“Yeah, yeah well it’s an interesting world,” he laughs and picks up his bag, “Well, see you around, though it’s probably unlikely and people usually say that just to be polite.”

I open my mouth to bid him a farewell back but I’m just there speechless. What. The. Fuck-

DING! My phone screams with a call from I don’t even know who, which gains the attention of the people I’m the library, and the two librarians.

That’s my cue to leave. I quickly pack up my stuff and exit the library before anyone notices my phone buzzing rapidly.

I answer the Unknown call once I reach a deserted hallway.

Me: Hello?

?: ....

Me: Um, yes?

?: ....

Me: Is anyone there?

?: Huh?

Me: What?

?: Who’s this?

Me: Me?

?: Yeah.

Me: Um, I’m pretty sure you called me.

?: *unintelligble whispering and giggles*

Me: ?

?:....PAULA WHY?

Me: um

?: you WHORE! *laughs*

Me: I’m going to hang up now

?: NO, YOU FILTHY LIAR! I LOVED *laughs and chatter* HIM, OKAY? YOU CAN’T FUCK-*giggles* -i can’t, oh my god, *more laughter* HIM WHENEVER YOU WANT! *yet another outburst of laughter *

Me: I’m not Paula, and-

?: *whispers* What’s going on? *chatter* Oh, give me my phone back! *laughs* Guys....hello?

Me: Hi?

?: what? Bell?

Me: Chloe?

Chloe: oh my god, you idiots! *laughs* okay, sorry Bell, that was just my friends. Bye!

Me: Oh, that’s all fine-

Chloe: *hangs up*

That was a meaningless phone call. Wait, why was it an unknown number? Did Chloe change her phone number? Did she even tell me?

I probably am supposed to be mad, but I hear a faculty member walk by so I stuff my phone in my backpack and dash off elsewhere. This day is going just amazing.

Before I know it, the school day has reached its end and I head off into the the direction that leads me out of my school. Until I remember the damn detention slip that my teacher gave me this morning so I huff in annoyance. I instead make my way to the detention classroom, where I take a seat next to a bunch of other unfairly-given-detention-slip kids. The supervising teacher isn’t any more thrilled to be here than we are, so I take out my phone to check Instagram. Still on requested. Great.

I try send a text to my mother about the whole detention thing but it doesn’t deliver.

“Um, Mr Sir? There’s no wifi here, and I need to text my mom?’

He nods his head vaguely in approval and waves me off dismissively, so I quickly head out to get better reception. I end up in the rarely visited back alley of the school, which is guarded off my a wire fence. I bet I could escape right now and the teacher wouldn’t care. I tip toe to get my phone higher, but am startled by a shaking of the fence.

I stop to see where it’s coming from.

“Um, anyone there?”

This situation has almost the exact same energy as the call I just got earlier on today.

I walk around to corner cautiously, expecting to see a cat or something, only to meet eyes with....


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