Imperfectly Perfect

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Emilia’s parents were divorced 6 months ago and now she lives with her mom in Miami, her dad moved out of the house and now is working in Los Angeles and he bought a comfy home there. He asked Em if she would like to join him but she refused, as it was the mid of her sophomore year here in Miami. But now as her sophomore year has ended and she's now 18, she decides to go to L.A and spend her senior year there with her dad.

“Mom where are you?” I ran out of my room as the idea got settled in my mind.

“In here sweetie. What's wrong?” she asks looking at the worried expression on my face.

“Mom I-I.....” I stutter unsure of how to tell her about my brilliant plans and how she would react to it. She gives me a look that says ‘continue missy' and after gathering a bit courage I finally told her.

“Mom I wanna go to L.A to dad and pursue my studies for the senior year there” I turn my gaze to her direction to see her reaction towards my sudden decision and that was the look i was expecting a mix of anger and confusion, mostly confusion. “No" she sternly replies “You aren't going anywhere young lady, and you'll be continuing your senior year, here at ‘Baxter High' and that's final!” I opened my mouth to say something but she cut me off – “dinner will be ready in 5 mins, freshen up and get down here.” With that she went back to the kitchen.

At the dinner table nobody talked, we both ate in a complete silence. I thought that after dinner I'll go and buy mom's favorite ice cream and try to convince her about my plans and if she doesn't listen, I'll have on other option left with me, I'll call dad tell him everything and cry my eyes out. There's a thing however distant my parents be, they can never see tears in my eyes. I hate blackmailing my mom like this, but desperate times needs desperate measures!!! I went to the living room where mom was watching her favorite series “Money Heist", practically I was watching it one day and she just came home from the grocery store and sat on the couch with me, it was 7:30 in the evening when my stomach growled in hunger and then we saw the time and released that it was late, since then it's her favorite show. I call her out twice and she hums in response- “mom I need money, I'm going to the grocery store for buying an ice cream.”

“The money is in my clutch sweetie, it's in my bedroom.” I thanked her went to take the money.

Reaching the store I bought mom's favorite ‘Natural's Coconut Delight’ and I also bought some stationary for myself, the thing is I can never get enough of the stationary I have at home!! After paying the owner,I walk back home. Mom practically sequels in joy after eyeing the ice cream for nice 5 mins. I brought a bowl for myself from the kitchen, as she prefers to eat in the tub itself. It's really funny to watch her dribble over her ice cream tub. After she finished eating she seems to be in a good mood, so I took my chances and raised the topic once again.

“Mom I was thinking, maybe we could talk about the discussion we started earlier....” mom gives me a look and asks me to continue, I explained her why Iwannna be there with dad for the senior year and to my surprise she agreed!!! Yes, she really agreed!!!! Yaay!!!! Then she says- “ I want you to be careful there and you have to call me every evening before or after dinner. Are we clear?” I eagerly nodded my head, I was jumping up and down with excitement. And now second hard task- CONVENCE THE ONE AND ONLY,“CAMILA MATTHEWS” I huff in annoyance at the thought and with that on my mind I went to bed!!!


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