Imperfectly Perfect

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Chapter: 2 Greetings & Farewell

Ya, i know the chapter was deleted suddenly, but I made some changes in the plot and edited the mistakes in the chapter! Sorry for the inconvenience!

~ Kanak❤

Saludos y despedida (GREETINGS AND FAREWELL)

Next morning I woke up early than usual, glancing at the side clock on my nightstand I gasp, what the hell, I woke up at 7:00 in the morning. I guess I was too stressed thinking about Cami, to sleep peacefully. Huffing I got up from my bed went to the bathroom, did my morning business, brushed my teeth and took a quick shower.

Thanks to my parents for the walk-in closet. I took a pair of skinny ripped jeans and matched it with a mustard colour tank top along with my black converse. Cami's house is at walking distance from my house so, I didn't bother informing her beforehand.

After reaching her house at 8:00, I rang the bell and was greeted with a very chirpy Alice. Alice is Cami's mom, who was very fond of me, and at times when I hang out at their home, she complains that instead of Cami I should've been her daughter. Yeah, I laugh at that thought everytime. I gave her a warm smile and huged her, then asked her about Cami she said, she's still sleeping up in her room.

I thanked her and walked straight up to Cami's room. I shook her twice but she won't budge. Then a brilliant idea crossed my mind and I grinned at her, mischief clear in my eyes and smile.

I ran down to Alice and asked her for cubes of ice, she looked at me as if I'm some kind of freak but I wave her off with a pleasant grin. After taking the ice cubes from her I ran upstairs. I filled half a bucket water and dropped a mug full of ice in it. The thought of her horrified face makes me laugh like a maniac. I got out of the bathroom with a smile on my face. I shook her once again, but no, she won't move. So, I simply unloaded the bucket with ice water on her and with a loud shriek, she got up, and to my luck, she looks exactly as I thought and on that I literally roll on the floor holding my stomach and laughing my guts out.

At her shriek her mom comes running to the room and after watching the sight before her, she joins me on the floor, laughing hysterically. The sight before us, was one to watch. Cami was dripping in ice cold water, from her head to toe, her hair was sticky, as if somebody applied a bottle full of oil on her, her eyes were puffy from the sleep and she was sitting still, glaring at me and her expressions....oh my god!! Those were just priceless!! She was all shades of red if you compare a tomato from Cami, she would've been much more redder. And finally as if her voice came back, she shouted at me- “you're one bitch of a best friend! Asshole!!” I laughed at the comment, I'm used to this type of shit now, her mom raised a brow at her and said- “language, young lady" I was finding it very hard to control my laughter, on what Alice said, If only she knew, what kind of language Cami uses!!

She was shivering from cold, so she ran out of her bed and went straight to the bathroom. While she was in there I was scanning her room, which was filled with our photographs, and i was looking at it for the last time today!! There was one photo in which we were standing in a fair and eating cotton candy and we were laughing like idiots looking at each other.

I'm really going to miss her. I was on the verge of crying the suddenly she came out of the bathroom, dressed up in a denim overalls and her hair wet from shower. Then she comes up to me and tries to hit me, but I lounge at her attack and laugh. With that i hug her and sat on her bed with a heavy sigh. This is going to be a hell of a talk!

I look at her, with slightly watery eyes and she instantly senses my worries and look up in my eyes and asks- “What the hell is wrong with you? Why on the earth are you crying? After seeing the look on her face, I instantly burst into sobs in her arms. She held me close to her and ran soothing circles on my back, I steady myself i bit tell her everything, about how much this means to me and how I miss my dad, my superman. And believe me when I say her eyes were literally big as a saucer.

Then after digesting everything up she finally says- “You bitch!! You are leaving for L.A and you think that, it's nice to inform your best friend a week before.. You're gonna pay for it nicely just wait and watch..!!” She's still not happy about my departure but then decides to keep my happiness before her, and I'm grateful for that! I'm really gonna miss her and her stupid talks! I'm gonna miss Miami! After spending half of the day at her house, discussing about how I'm going to Skype her every evening and tell her everything. And she asked me to promise her that, she's irreplaceable in my heart and whatever happens she's gonna be the first one to know! As if she thinks, I ever, in my wildest dreams replace her from my life! I leave her house around 7:30 in the evening I went home, slip into my bed and I don't even remember when sleep took over me! Next day in the morning I woke up at 11:30 and let me tell you, I slept peacefully and I'm happy for being stress free and all. I went to the bathroom do my things and took a long shower atleast 1/2 hrs, I guess.

I'm happy but still I'm sad about many things. I shrug the tension of and went to my closet, at the exact moment Cami barges in my room and says- “We're going on a shopping spree! Get ready ASAP...!” I groan at her, and then thought , this is what she meant by ‘you're gonna pay for it' Ugh! She and her stupid little ideas! I mentally slap myself for being all happy and carefree this morning! You know what they say about early happiness, in my case it's definitely the point. She's gonna kill me in her shopping spree and all that!! Ugh why me!? Well I'm glad I got her, but at the same time I wanna slap her so hard for doing this to me.

The day went as we shopped nearly half a mall! I'm exhausted, I just wanna go to bed! Next day woke up with puffy eyes as I stayed up late night watching Money Heist. Last night when I came home, I was like a zombie like literally walking from dead types, I didn't even have dinner. But as soon as my head touch the pillow my sleep literally vanished, so I watched series and slept at 3:00. Then I went down stairs after taking a quick shower had my breakfast and decided to go and watch a movie with Cami. I went to her house and then we did binge watching.

The rest of the week went by shopping, packing and spending time with mom and Cami.

Later that night I went to mom's room and saw her crying, I went to her and huged her from the back. We talked about various things, I promised the same things to her as I promised Cami about the Skype thing, and also that I'll take care of myself and have food on time etc. That night I slept with her, for the last time as I don't know when I'll be back or I'll be back or not, with my mom's protective and loving arms around me, snuggled in her. I'm really gonna miss this badly!

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