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One's full of surprises, the other 's not. One's unbelievably stupid, the other 's not. One's a crybaby, the other knows how to put up and act tough. One attracts problems like a magnet, the other cleans the mess. Just a heart warming, nerve racking and maybe brains blowing story of two best friends, who are completely opposite of each others personality and nature. Let's accompany the two girls on their way to getting to know themselves and chasing what they want.

Drama / Humor
Ananya Mishra
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Just the Main Characters' introductions

Emma Warner Frank:
Age: 18
Birthday: 7 September
Likes: Anything and everything that catches her eye, drooling over hot and sexy guys, browsing through instagram, dolling up and clicking pictures, Gossips, exercising and yoga.
Dislikes: When her pictures aren't postable, when she gain even a gram of weight, when no-one lends her a ear to listen to her babbling.
A very pretty and famous girl who wishes to become more famous and seeks attention. Honest with her wishes though. She's an outstanding student with an amazing face and body as well. Her greatest aspect? Her friendly nature. Boys go crazy for her. And the worst thing, SHE ATTRACTS TROUBLE LIKE A MAGNET. But she loves her best friend in and out. (laughs)

Anna Rose Black:
Age: 19
Birthday: 3 August
Likes: Reading novels, comics, and any book that she thinks is interesting and that catches her eye, her phone, any beverage (coffee the most).
Dislikes: Anything and everything that doesn't come under her likes, sweet talkers, overly polite people and pushovers and the list goes on and on and on. (Bleh)
She keeps to herself and only to those handful of people she considers as friends. She acts though all the time on outside but is a kid on inside. Not so good student but it's ok. She's very straight forward (I don't know maybe for her own good?). She can smell the slightest bit of fakeness in people and that disgust her the most. SHE HATES UNNECESSARY TROUBLES, ATTENTION AND DRAMAS, but she has a trouble maker for a best friend.

(Author's Note: Hey there guys, this is my very first story. Please feel free to comment and suggest.)
Also let's have a round of character analysis. Tell me which one is you among Emma and Anna in the comment section.
By the way, I'm Anna. What are you?
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