Lucid with You

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Luna, a not-so-friendly person from Manila, discovered Lucid Dreaming in which where you can manipulate or control your dreams. She used it to escape her messy, sad and depressed reality but unexpectedly met a guy who changed her life.

Drama / Romance
Clara Ty
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This is a Work of Fiction… This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Expect typographical and grammatical errors.

"Hello bestie! It's been ages since our last meeting, I missed you!" Said my godmother, Tita-Ninang Solanne. She's also my mommy's best friend. Beside her is Tito George holding their son's hand.

My mother gave her a smile, "Oh yes! Hi bes it's been 8 years I guess? And we met here again! Just like old times hahaha!"

"Uhuh, where's Manu by the way? Is he with you two?" She asked while looking around hoping to find my dad but she failed. He's abroad, with his new family. Tss, I rolled my eyes as I remember how he slap my pathetic mother who was begging for him to stay for his daughter's sake yet he still chose to leave us.

It's okay though, for me he's very useless, my mom always do the work and him? all that he did was to drink alcohol and play online games. How could my mother marry a man that raped and almost killed his own daughter?

Yes, he raped me. I still remember how he took my virginity in front of my mother. He said he will kill us if we tell someone about it, even my hamster pet Sammy. I don't want to lose my hamster so I begged mom to just follow him, which is one of my biggest regret because weeks after that, Sammy died.

"Let us not talk about him shall we?" Mother laughed nervously. Tita-Ninang looks confused, she doesn't know about what happened between us and my father. She and Mom doesn't talk often.

"Ma, I want an ice cream." Soleman, their unica iho said to change the subject.

"Sure baby, go buy there with daddy. How about you Katalixa? Do you also want an ice cream?" She grinned. I wanted to say no but my mother is giving me a death glare.

When I said yes, Soleman celebrated like a kid. Oh wait, he is a kid.

Like what the kid said, we bought ice cream together with his father. Mom and Tita-Ninang left for the afternoon mass here at Santa Clara Tagpuan.

No one is talking except Soleman, he keep asking about my father. I want to punch him and say, "Shut the hell up will you? I'm trying to have a nice ice cream eating moment here!"

But ofcourse I won't, his father is here duh!

After we are done eating, Uncle George said he will give me a tour here. He brought me at the back of the church.

Nobody is here, ofcourse, except us. I mean, us, just me and Uncle. He told Soleman to take a walk first and because the kid is stupid, he left us, alone.

We are here inside their car. I tried to run away from him but he pulled my pulse violently.

I knew it. I have a bad feeling about this.

"What are you doing? Stop!" Okay, I know I'm not good at begging but hell he started rubbing my thigh and unbutton his belt.

Tears fell on my cheeks when he enter me. I close my eyes, somebody was watching us. Like I said, I'm not good at begging but please whoever you are, help me.

Impossible. I feel helpless, I feel my body giving up. He stopped and lean on me before whispering, "Good girl."

I could barely stand but still, he forced me and told me to act like nothing happened. He said he will kill me if I tell someone about it.

Curse you. I thought they could help us, their family. Heck, he's just like my dad. I hope you both rot in hell.

I saw Soleman not so far crying on his Mommy.

"Why baby?" Uncle George asked while giving me a glare.

"Mommy let's go home please." I whispered so he won't hear us.

She looked at me confusely, "Why? Are you okay sweetie?"

"I'm feeling homesick Mom. And I have to do my homeworks, please?" Weakly, I said while enduring the pain.


"I said I wanna go home!" I threw a tantrum causing people around us to look.

My mother panicked, "Shh. Okay, okay. Stand up now baby, we're going home," she called my Tita-Ninang, "We're going home bestie, if that's okay?"

"What? Why?"

"She's homesick haha!" My mother joked, I furrowed my brows.

"You're a crybaby." Soleman said confidently.

"Coming from you." I rolled my eyes heavenwards, hell I don't have time for him, I feel my thighs shaking.

"We should eat first." Uncle George added.

I looked at him, "No!"

"Your Uncle is right darling, we should eat with them. Come on." Mother gave me a comforting smile but heck it's annoying me.

I have no choice but to come with them. I saw him smirked.


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