Why I will keep making it .

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Why I keep making it in life My own family burned me . The 1st people that did me dirty was my own family . My mom lied to me . My dad lies to me . All I remember was lies My cousin a. lied to me she told her dad I hit her or scratched her she eve. Woren a band aid to show that I hurt her and my family got kicked out. So much shit that my own family will never know until this day that I kept inside of me I took it out on poker players 😂😂 My cousin D.would watch porn he would get caught and then of course it’s easy to blame someone so they blamed me . The blame game started when we all young. And I wanted to catch everyone that ever lied to me I loved catching people in lies I loved asking questions to people when I already knew the answer to . I just loved it . So I started cathing people when they bluffed I knew who was fake . It’s 3:13 am . The cops lied . My mom lied My gf set me up to get jumped at a park she lied they said I fucked her neighbors Honda Civic that had a crush on her That’s all I dealt with was lies .

Dalena Nguyen
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Shady world

Everybody burned me . Now did I deserve it ?? Yea I guess so ?? Everything happens for a reason ?

I win so much in poker because of the way people lied . The way they fuck up . So I make money off of people mistakes make sense ???

My family is pretty fucked up .do I still them yes???

They hated me . But at the same time I fucked almost every cofee shop girl that I was into . But the ones I didn’t fuck were ones I rehire to keep it cool with

So they called me a hoe .

I’m from San jo

I have more hoes then they had clothes

I forgave eveyone . As somthing Jesus would do .

You guys fuck up . You guys sinners because god would o forgave u.

I was homeless . I went broke . I didn’t graduate on time .

Because of haters . Because of lies .

The fobs a silver creek said I didn’t dm somthing I didn’t do . So I went home my ex was pregnant . They jumped out the dumpster with bricks bats . Smashed my Integra and the glass went into my gfs at the time who wa pregnant eyes .

I pray to god to see those same Fagget’s to this day . But I don’t see them . Do u know why Cus they know wtf time it is .

I wanted my ex to have a job so I have a Honda Civic with ls swap for the manager to hire her she met a co worker that introduced her to some guy that started dating her well he crashed on a rainy day and my kid died. I blame my self for that .i was my fault .

People don’t like to take responsibility for their actions but I do ,

I love the truth

I love the grind

I love cars . I love $$ I love doing better when u go through gel eventually u will get to heaven

Through that dark hole u will see that bright light

There are bumps on the road.

Everything is possible if you don’t give up . So I wanna know why I grind so hard . My kids didn’t make it . So ima make it for them and for my future kids Cus it ant over . It ant over until it really over until then . I would still be here turning in spirtit . Even in the after life

We don’t quit if ur great at it lol .

Follow your efforts

Follow ur mind

Follow ur grind

Follow urself until u shine

Follow and do what u do on ur tirne Cus it ant no one else’s time but yours .

That’s the sorry of why im great

Everyone hated and they wanted me to fail

They didn’t want that girl to talk to me

My cousin wanted to Fuck the girl I was with

I have cars away .

I took people in .

I gave them $$

I did more for then then their own flesh in blood . So of course I deserve ITV.

I know I do .

So if I don’t then who does ??? Ima let them win by giving up ?? Fuck that they r going to struggle. They will suffer for speakin on the legend . They wanted the legend to die .

But that ant going to happen

In the easiest person to find

My cars get hit

They get on Fire

They r still on face book lookin at my story😂😂 when u talk to them they’ve still lying

Because that’s what they do ?

You have to be what your are . Not what they call u to be

Be authentic

Be real

Be authentic to ur core .

Once your real god will bless u . It’s simple as that

The weak don’t make it

The strongest will survive

It’s as simple as that .

I was sleepin and I woke up took a shower and decided to write all this . Sometimes u just have to let it out . So the world could know . Once they read this . They’ve so ashamed of it they won’t even bring it up to me

If I offended u I’m sorry but hey truth hurts .

Karma is real . And if your struggling and u can’t keep someone in ur life if u keep being in and out of relationships don’t be surprised

Accept u bitch it is what it is. People die from the truth .

Rip to all the real people that just had to get killed from hate .


Johnny cash

Mac dre

Nippsey hustle



Biggie .

Pretty black .

People just keep dying but I do this for them .

Martin Luther king .

Malcolm x


Alliyah even if it was accident from a plane or hellicopter

Their read is off

Their assumptions are off

Fake people are still alive getting away with this just like this corona . It’s killing real people . Just like a hating disease or someone with so much hate is getting away

We all have pain but I finally just let it out .thank you for reading .to be continued .

Fuck Allen Chen .allen huynh u bitch as snitching nigga that got my car fucked up we going to see u one day . Come around ya bitch .

My cars getting hit up . Burned u going to see me one day u bitch . Shut ant over . Idc if ur sister still loves me . Ima also the shit out of u . For snitching to the police after tryna Run on me and d ya bitch .

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