Darkness and Death and The Smiles In Between

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Jamie lives life like its mandatory. He goes in and out as if he's forced to without a care for his life or others. In his own words, "It's like when you wish you would die but you don't wanna do it yourself. Like you're done but you don't care enough to finish the job." Will he realise there are people worth living for, or will he cave to the numbness in his life telling him he's not worth it.

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1

Jamie walked across the busy street. Do you see the problem with that sentence? The street was quite busy, bustling with the angry drivers of a myriad of vehicles, the early morning rush just beginning, yet he just crossed. Without a second glance or check to see if he was safe. It had been a long time since Jamie Lannon had any regard for his life. He just lived, moving through each day like clockwork as if it was routine, and he had been forced to do it.

It was a crisp Tuesday morning. The air was chill, but the kind of chill which you enjoy. With a small breeze here and there and the sun peeking over the trees to warm you up. He was on his way home hoping to get there in time for the bus but praying that his mother had left for work, and he wouldn't have to deal with her when he got there.

"I should really get my own car."

Sneaking into the club had been fun, and he'd met some nice people, but he still smelled of booze, and he didn't feel like explaining himself today.

"It's not as if it'd matter that much if I didn't show up though."

Cars honked, some sped past, and many screeched to a halt as Jamie blindly walked past them. He chuckled to himself at the crazed looks, those who were ready to pummel him had he not been a 16-year-old kid. One man stopped and stepped out of his car. He was stout with a little moustache one could only describe as Hitler's. Jamie smiled at that one too.

"Kid, are you tryna get run over?!'

"If only."

He made his way to a tall, large, white house with flowers and trees scattered about. He stopped and stared for a moment and then ventured inside. He walks up the old, wooden stairs and winces at the gentle creaks in every other step. His room was drab and under decorated, the only remnants of his old football life being the jersey hung on the wall with three pictures of him and his former friends. His black bookbag sat by the dresser which contained an assortment of only black, blue, and grey shirts and hoodies. He quickly changed out of his shirt from last night and grabbed a black Thrasher shirt and his bookbag and strolled down the hallway and made his way down the stairs.

"Where the hell have you been?"

Jamie halts and turned to face his mother.

"Out," Jamie sarcastically said with a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth."I thought I'd enjoy seeing the beauty of the world. You know, the beauty of life."

"Do you have to be out all the time?" she retorted. "You could be hurt or lost and I wouldn't know where the fuck you are."

"Fine, then I'll just tell you when I'm going."

And with that, Jamie walked out the door and towards the lonely street corner that was his bus stop.

Hey! Thanks for reading this far. This chapter is still in progress, so if you've got any tips, please tell me. I'll try to take them into consideration. Thanks again.

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