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Chapter 29

“And..done!” Erska exclaimed, stretching her arms.

“Done?!” Fyre asked as he stirred his cup of coffee, leaning over the counter. “Man, you are starting to pile it up for me..”

“Well, I do have to transfer it from my book to my laptop after which I have to probably revise it at least five times but pretty much most of the work is done..” she said as she closed her book. Massaging her eyes, she asked, “So, what are we going to be doing this time?”

“Well, you tell me…”

“I want to do something exciting. Probably something I’ve never done before kind of thing. I should probably sleep on it,” she said.

“How about stuff like sky diving, bungee jumping? Something like that?” suggested Fyre.

“Nah..I’m not an adrenaline junkie..”

“Are you guys going somewhere?” asked Bastian as he and Haruhi strode inside the kitchen.

“Since I’ve basically completed the novel, or rather the novella – it’s time Fyre took me out,” explained Erska.

“Oh. Another one of your stupid deals, huh?” asked Bastian.

“You need to stop harassing my client, Bastian,” said Fyre.

“He has the ability to spout rot like a pro, I’ll give him that,” said Erska, bumping fists with Fyre

“Congratulations, Erska,” Haruhi said, hugging her for which Erska whispered “thank you.”

“Well, if it wasn’t for me,” Bastian argued as he twisted Erska’s ears, “Would you have ever left your house or write your thing?”

“So? Is she supposed to be grateful or something to you? Since you are her saviour?” Fyre asked.

“Well, a thank you would suffice,” Bastian said as his grip became stronger causing Erska to wince. She dug her sharp nails into his arm and he flinched his hand back.

“You’re petty, man but thank you,” replied Erska, rubbing the pain off her ears.

“Bastian, you are stooping to new levels, son. I’m proud of you,” stated Haruhi, picking an apple for herself and patting his back as she turned towards the entrance only to be scared the living daylights out of herself. “Quincy! What the hell, man!!”

Quincy had been watching the exchange for quite a while, standing still at the door. Specifically, between Bastian and Erska. Those two idiots won’t stop fooling around, would they? For the past few days, he had been noticing both of them, acting all oblivious and not even bothered about the kind of consequences it might end up in. Right now, Quincy was at his edge.

“What’s wrong with your arm?” Haruhi asked as she came closer.

“Well, apparently I have to wear this for one month,” he said as he indicated the elbow cast encasing his right hand. “A fracture. After that guy kicked my face, I guess I landed with my hands in a weird position.”

“So, it really hurt you, huh?” asked Bastian.

“Well, aren’t you a nice friend, my boy? You don’t look that concerned..” commented Quincy as he walked towards the refrigerator to take a bottle of milk.

“I wouldn’t be surprised even if you turned up dead one day,” he said.

“Bastian. I’m actually hurt. Don’t joke. Injuries make me sensitive,” lectured Quincy, left hand on his hip.

“Sorry, man,” he apologized, low key astounded by Quincy’s change in demeanour. “Maybe you are growing old or something?”

“Bastian, after I take off my cast, I’ll make sure you get a similar one,” he said, pointing towards his cast. “Fyre, do you mind getting me cornflakes from the top shelf?”

Fyre instantly obliged, handing over the box as well as grabbing him a bowl and a spoon. “Do you need help?” he asked.

“That’s okay, Fyre. I think I can manage,” Quincy replied, double winking as he poured in milk and added cereal to the bowl. “See, now, he’s being a good friend. As for you Bastian, someone whom I’ve known since the beginning, you treat me like crap.”

“You guys are being an awful lot closer these days,” commented Bastian, as he looked at them back and forth. “To the point where you are ignoring me now..”

“I’m going keep being a diva, Bastian,” Quincy stated, after which he proceeded to take that bowl.

“You are going to drop it, Quincy. Why don’t you eat it in the kitchen instead of taking it to wherever the hell you are going?” ranted Haruhi.

“You’re overthinking, Haruhi.”

“I won’t be when you actually do that,” Haruhi replied, grinning.

“Surprise!” screamed Fleur, not expecting everyone to be present for some reason except for her darling Bastian. Quincy stumbled back, thankfully still holding the bowl as he looked at Haruhi whose life almost left her body.

“I’m sorry,” Fleur mumbled.

“What did I say, Quincy? What did I just say?” scolded Haruhi.

“Come on! It’s not my fault. Incredulous!” he said, rushing out of the kitchen before he could be waylaid any further.

“Don’t mind him. He’s a drama queen. Come to me, baby girl,” said, Bastian, extending his arms for Fleur who fell into his embrace as he twirled around.

“I missed you,” she said, looking up from his embrace, planting a soft peck on his lips.

“Can you guys go somewhere else?” said Erska as she saw the love birds, holding their hands, giggling.

“Nope, we are going to be annoying you a lot, Erska,” replied Fleur, all giddy. “And Bastian. Is it okay if we go to the amusement park today? Please. Pleeease.”

“First, what are you doing here? Don’t have to go to work? ”Bastian asked.

“Knew it!” she replied, rolling her eyes. “How come that didn’t hit your head yet? Yes, I skipped work because it was b-o-r-i-ng. Don’t worry. I’m not going to complain about not being employee of the month or something. I didn’t feel like getting up from bed. Then, I thought of you which made everything so much better..” she said, her eyes all sparkly and battering, clinging to his arm.

Since she was upfront, it made it impossible for Bastian to say no unless he had some help. “The thing is Haruhi has assigned me some work at Solitarie and I really have to do that.”

“Haruhi,” she dragged, turning towards her, “Can’t you let Bastian go for one day?”

Haruhi looked up from her siesta in a confused manner to a pleading Fleur, behind her an expectant Bastian, praying for her to save his life today. “What work?”

“Tha-that work you told him, Haruhi,” joined in Erska.

“I told no such thing. What are you guys talking about?” she said, yawning.

“Cleaning the counters, re-arranging the display. Didn’t you tell me that?” Bastian added.

“That is Erska’s duty today. No one gets out of their job,” corrected Haruhi, oblivious to the situation.

“So, we are free to go today? That’s great, isn’t it, Bastian?” Fleur exclaimed, swinging their clasped hands back and forth.

“Fleur. Can we do that in two or three days? I feel like we’ve been going out a lot the past few days. That okay?” he asked, crinkling his forehead.

“So you were trying to fool me? Ditching me by telling you got work, huh?” she pointed out.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t want you to feel disappointed. I won’t do that ever again-”

Erska mentally facepalmed herself in disbelief. You really don’t know how to lie, do you?

“You take me for a joke, huh?!” she screamed into his ears, grabbing his collar and shaking it rapidly. “All I want is to spend the time out with you. Wait a minute. Do you even care about me? Every time I’m the one asking you out. You don’t make any efforts. I always come to your doorstep and pick you up like a baby.”

“I’m a homebody, Fleur. You’ve got to understand me. I agreed to everything because you wanted. I lied, sorry for that but now I’m asking you, can you re-consider us going out on a different day?” he asked, trying to calm her down as he tried to hug her.

“Aaah so basically, I was the fool to come and try to see my boyfriend every time,” sneered Fleur, acting hysterical. “While you had to agree to it because I was your girlfriend. You had to because you had no other way, huh?” She pinched him hard on the arm as he withdrew his hug, leaning back in astonishment.

“Wow. Fleur. Calm down, girl. No one has to get violent,” interrupted Erska, getting impatient seeing Fleur act like a spoiled brat.

“Erska, it is none of your business,” said Fleur.

“That is not right. Use your words instead of your hands.”

“This is something between us, Erska. I don’t like you coming in the middle of it,” Fleur stated, turning towards her, ready to get down for a fight.

Erska looked at Bastian who was slowly massaging his hand, keeping mum as he looked at Fleur and her back and forth, wearing an expression of blankness. “Bastian is my friend and this is not the right way to treat him. He’s being reasonable while you act all haughty and-”

“Okay! That’s enough, Erska!” interjected Haruhi, separating her from Fleur.

“Haruhi, you can see her being unreasonable. Come on, tell me if I’m wrong,” she countered, glancing at Fyre for affirmation.

“Whatever it is, it’s between them, Erska. You don’t have to interfere,” replied Haruhi in a staunch manner. “You get me?”


Fyre placed his hand on Erska’s shoulder. “She’s right, Erska,” agreed Fyre. “It’s really none of our business. Calm down.”

“Why does Haruhi have to be right every time?” muttered Quincy under his breath as he looked at his shirt, stained with milk. “This cast is not exactly helping me now.”

He placed the bowl on the side table, leaning against the head post of the bed for a while as he sighed. “Aaah it’s going to get sticky..” Feeling the area of the stain, he tried to remove his shirt with his left hand but wasn’t able to reach out to the other end of the shirt properly.

“Absolutely great. Just great, Quincy. Not only will Haruhi try to mock you, but you are also absolutely disabled…Aaaaaah,” he screamed in frustration, kicking his legs and arms like a little kid only to remind himself that he was wearing a cast when searing pain emerged in the right arm, causing him to curl up into a ball.

“Are you okay?”

Quincy looked up, as he held onto his cast. Fyre’s wispy head peeked through the door. “Come in, Fyre.”

He walked in scratching his head awkwardly as he looked around, spotting the bowl and the stain on his shirt. “So, you did exactly like what Haruhi thought you would do,” he stated, slightly giggling.

“Why is it you guys always get together when it is time to mock someone?” he asked.

Fyre pondered for a while before saying, “Well, actually-”

“Fyre, my boy, I wasn’t actually expecting an answer. I’m already bloody frustrated. Stop rubbing salt on my wounds,” chattered away Quincy.

“Okay. Okay. I’ll stop. How is your bruise?” he asked, pointing the wound around his eye.

“That’s fine. Thank you.”

“Do you want some help with that?” he asked, eyeing his shirt.

“Yes. Yes. That would be really great. Could you do that for me?”

“Not a problem,” Fyre obliged, his right knee kneeling on the bed while he arched forward to hold the ends of his shirt as he slowly removed it.

“Aren’t you in an awkward position, man? You fine?” asked Quincy.

“No. No. That’s okay,” he replied, concentrating on removing the sleeve off his left arm and proceeded towards his right.

Quincy couldn’t stay longer in the same position which was starting to hurt his neck, trying his best not to disturb Fyre, but to his dismay was being way more careful than he should be. Quincy adjusted his position, slightly leaning back which caused Fyre to stumble and lose balance. Fyre fell forward onto Quincy, his arms reflexed quickly as he held them farther away from Quincy’s proximity, strongly in order to prevent further damage by falling on Quincy. Fyre, taken aback by the sudden movement was taking deep breaths.

“I’m sorry, Fyre. My neck was hurting,” he said, rubbing his neck, stretching it with his eyes closed yet there was no change in the movement. “Fyre, can you help me up-” Quincy opened his eyes to a pair of intensely blue eyes staring at him, underneath a jungle of rose blonde curls. Quincy was stuck, unable to comprehend. Fyre tried to reach for Quincy’s cheeks but suddenly, pulled his fingers back and got up while his left arm cradled Quincy’s back carefully, making him lean against the head post.

“I’ll-I’ll call Bastian..” Fyre whispered as he rushed to out without a glance.

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